Self Defense Tools

digital safe

Best Places to Put a Safe in the House

When it comes to precious items like jewelry, money, or documents, there is no other cabinet or box that is as ...
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Taser used by the police

What is a Taser and How Does It Work?

The Taser is arguably one of the best non-lethal weapons that almost every policeman around the world has. Instead of using ...
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A single dial combination padlock by Master Lock.

How Does a Combination Lock Work?

In today’s world of intricately put together and complexly assembled items and gadgets, it is sometimes quite easy to forget just ...
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Man with a stungun

Best Stun Guns for Self Defense

Taser guns are used by law enforcement to subdue their targets. This self-defense tool is not just for police but for ...
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A Tactical Pen and Cover

Best Tactical Pens for Self Defense

A standard pen may serve the purpose of writing. A tactical pen is much like a knife. It is also known ...
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A Security Door Knob Lock

Brinks Security Locks for the Long-term

Founded in 1859, Brinks is one of the world’s best lock company that manufactures high-quality locks. These locks are great for ...
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A mailbox

Mail Alert Flags or Alerts

Mail alert flag is a type of notification attachment for your mailbox. It is attached to the mailbox so that when ...
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A self-defense telescopic baton

Should Women Use Self-Defense Batons?

In today’s world, when more and more women are countering incidents of sexual assaults daily, the expandable self-defense batons are becoming ...
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An electric lock core

What is the Best Lock Core Type?

There are particular kinds of locks that have a removable core. These locks come with a removable cylinder. And amazingly, there ...
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a black, telescopic self-defense wand

What is a Self-Defense Wand?

The crime rate is increasing extensively over time. There is no place where we can consider ourselves safe and secure. Whenever ...
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Baldwin lock

How Do Baldwin and Schlage Locks Compare?

Baldwin vs.Schlage locks, which one is better? That is the question we will tryto answer with different comparisons. Although both companies ...
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Riley Home Defense Moveable Robot

Can You Use Robots for Home Defense?

Robot home defense becoming a norm in modern society, is bound to become the next step in the development of robotic ...
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a police officer wearing a bullet-proof vest

Guide to Plate Carriers

Plate carriers, commonly known as bullet-proof vests, is one of the most important parts of equipment for police officers and soldiers, ...
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burglar breaking into a home

Top Tools to Consider for Home Self Defense

As the years pass, the world is becoming more dangerous that even when we’re at home, we are no longer sure ...
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a digital safe commonly found in hotel rooms

How Safe Are Hotel Room Safes?

If you frequently travel, you may have used an in-room safe in hotel rooms that you’ve stayed in to keep your ...
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handgun in holster steering wheel

Guide to Gun and Rifle Safes for Trucks and Cars

Carrying a gun can provide both safety and danger. It gives security since it can protect you against intruders who may ...
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Finding the Best Biometric Gun Safe

Owning a gun can have both advantageous and disadvantageous consequences; it can protect but it can also injure or kill. It ...
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The Most Effective Spray for Personal Security

A pepper spray is one of the most common and most popular self-defense weapons. People, especially women, typically choose pepper sprays ...
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Non-Lethal Self Defense Tools for Women

Physical and sexual attacks on women can occur at any time. A woman becomes an easy and vulnerable target of predators ...
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Mail Chime MAIL 1200 Wireless Mail Alert System

Getting Alerts When Mail Is Delivered

If you have a need to know when your mail is received so you can retrieve it right away, then you ...
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Top 5 Locking Mail Boxes for Entrepreneurs

Top 5 Locking Mail Boxes for Mail Security

If your business receives and sends snail mail on a regular basis and is concerned about its security or you need ...
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