What is a Smart Lock?

A smart lock is any mechanical or electronic device that provides you or other people to open the door without using a traditional key. Instead, it utilizes a key fob or smartphone to wirelessly gain access through authorized user’s authentication.

Today, smart locks systems allowed home automation and became an extension of home security. You can leave the house without worries as locking or unlocking the door can be done remotely with a simple voice command or tap of a finger on an app or website.

Some smart locks also have a camera feature that sends images of people trying to access your door, which can quickly be used as a reference. Through that, you can let any known visitor in, even while you’re at work.

Adding to that, smart locks are highly customizable and are brimming with other functionalities, giving you better control over whatever is happening inside your home. Integrate it with other smart devices, such as your smart security system or speaker, and let all tools work together for the optimum of your home.

True enough, smart locks are one of the best innovations in home security as it appends style and practicality to something ever-present in any house: a front door. In that essence, no doubt that the popularity and availability of these systems are continuously growing. If you don’t have one yet, here’s a rundown of benefits smart locks can bring into your daily life.


Smart locks and all other smart home devices are developed towards providing convenience. The system is connected to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, which is then linked to a network. Once set up, you can lock or unlock the doors at any location where you have an internet connection or where Bluetooth is within the device’s range. You’ve rushed for an early Monday meeting and can’t remember whether you’ve locked the door? Don’t fret as you no longer need to make a return trip to your house. Your smart lock will notify you if your door is left open or locked.


Locks are there for the obvious reason of securing your home. Yet, smart locks provide a different layer of protection than traditional locking systems. While you need to keep your passwords extremely secure, apps update, and take advantage of PINs, smart locks eliminate the risks of using physical keys, which can be vulnerable to being picked by crafty burglars. Spare keys also create “drifting” methods of entry. Lose one in the supermarket and your home can already be jeopardized. With a smart lock system, you can be more at ease with the absences of those risks.


Got a trusted friend who suddenly shows up at your door while on vacation? Or, dog-walking services showed up earlier than expected and you’re still caught in traffic? Well, you can provide them access through the smart lock system and make things easier for both ends. Have them download the lock’s associated app and you can provide them digital keys by means of codes, voice command, or fingerprint recognition for their access. It can also be custom-defined, which means you can set the time and day when they are allowed to enter your house. Outside the said period, they won’t be able to get in, preventing you from getting any unwanted visitors.


Though aesthetics is a lesser concern when it comes to locks, it doesn’t mean that functionality cannot be combined with style. Smart locks often come with keypads, which is a good and modern upgrade from the traditional deadbolt hardware. Yet, if you want to stick with the standard deadbolt design. There’s no problem as smart locks can mask as a normal lock, making your front door appear normal, hiding the amazing system behind.


Smart locks truly change the landscape of home security with the advantages it offers. But while it is enticing to have one installed at your home, evaluate your specific needs before getting one and spending bucks for the system. Plus, make sure that you’re also diligent enough to keep all things updated for your utmost protection. Rest assured that you can expect that smart locks can be a convenient, stylish, smart way to help make securing your home easier.