Terms Related to Batons and Baton Use

Self protection gear with a baton

There are many weapons out there that you can use to defend yourself. There are stun guns, punch rings, and more. However, not all of them are legal for local citizens. There are many different laws that may prevent you from carrying such self-defense weapons on you.  Out of all self-defense weapons, … Read more

Essential Home Gym Boxing Equipment for Self Defense

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Self-defense is important for everybody to learn, as it will be a way for them to protect themselves against criminals that are mostly up to no good. There are many forms of self-defense and martial arts that you can learn and practice, and one of the most effective forms is boxing, which … Read more

What is Identity Theft Protection?

The internet is regarded as one of the greatest inventions in history, but despite being innovative and beneficial in the advancement of societies, the internet has several weak points that are often difficult to fix. One of those weak points is its security, as some portions of the internet, specifically those found … Read more

Why Do We Need Fire and Smoke Curtains?

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Fire safety systems are an essential part of every building. Annual safety inspections confirm that your building adheres to the local safety codes, but they only warrant that minimum requirements are reached. Even if your building passes, there are still ways to protect further along with its residents. Detection, notification, and response; … Read more

The best ways to defend against an unexpected threat

defend threat

Threat alone is a factor that can put humans to sleep at any time in life. Many things like threat news and the likes are agents of destruction, talk less of an unexpected threat. If a threat is coming with a world announcement, the heart will not beat at the regular rate. … Read more

How To Choose The Right Size Of Plate Carrier

How To Choose The Right Size Of Plate Carrier

Getting the right size of plate carrier is something people have struggled with. A lot of us maintain the assumption that if your t-shirt size is Large then you should wear a large Plate carrier. In truth, your molle armor plate carrier should be the same size as your armor plates. If … Read more

Levels of body armor

Body armor knows the major, important, most necessary element of the fighter’s equipment. It protects person’s torso from knife wounds, bullet wounds, mortar fragments, shells and grenades. Now the development of bulletproof vests is not aimed at universality, but at fulfilling the tasks performed by the military and police, because now the … Read more

Self-Defense Tips for Protecting Your Back

Your back is one of the most important parts of your body. Unfortunately, many people take their back for granted and fail to defend it against the general wear and tear of everyday life. There are a number of bad habits that you may do every day that can eventually lead to … Read more

Self-Defense for Seniors

Everyone has the right to protect themselves. However, as we grow older, defending ourselves has become a much more critical and urgent concern. As we age, our bodies become weaker – thus, our movements become slower. That is why the older population is usually a favorite target of criminals because they look … Read more