Levels of body armor

Body armor knows the major, important, most necessary element of the fighter’s equipment. It protects person’s torso from knife wounds, bullet wounds, mortar fragments, shells and grenades. Now the development of bulletproof vests is not aimed at universality, but at fulfilling the tasks performed by the military and police, because now the bulletproof vest has a small weight and more advanced technical characteristics. More modernized armor plates, bulletproof inserts, groin protection elements, etc. are added.

What levels of body armor does the US manufacturer offer?

1-st level of protection::protect the fighter from small threats (protection against small-caliber weapons, light knife strikes, shots from 9-mm weapons from a long distance). As a rule, such a body armor produced by US manufacturer weighs no more than 2.5 kg, has small dimensions.

2-nd level of protection: they are able to withstand stabs and shots from small-caliber weapons and hunting rifles. Its weight is about 3 kg and the dimensions are not very large.

3-rd level of protection: equipped with armor plates, made of multilayer fabric. Withstand shots from a 9-mm pistol and knife strikes. In addition, they can protect against submachine guns, rifles. This level of body armor is used in the work of law enforcement officers during protection against smoothbore weapons and domestic pistols.

4-th level of protection: bulletproof vests of this type are reinforced with ballistic inserts in the chest, abdomen, back, etc. Thanks to this reinforcement, the fighter is protected from assault rifles.

5-th level of protection:protect a person from bullets of caliber 5.45 and 7.62. If contact with the enemy occurs at a distance of more than 10 m – the fighter will be protected. The weight of such a product is 10 kg and above.

6-th level of protection:: a person in such equipment will be protected from sniper shots. The weight of the uniform can be over 20 kg.

Features soft body armor

This type of equipment suggests that it should be as soft as possible, comfortable and not restricting movement. This type of body armor designed for private use: you can be safe, comfortable for a long time. By the way, it also provides for an excellent ventilation system – this is provided so that the thermoregulation of the body of the person who buys and wears body armor is not disturbed. Putting equipment in a backpack is also not a problem.

Soft bulletproof vests are almost invisible under a thin shirt, but their weight can be very different, comparable to the weight of a bulletproof vest of the 3-rd level of protection, but as a rule, soft bulletproof vests have the 1-st level of protection and are the lightest and ergonomic. Typically, design of this type of equipment includes chest and dorsal armor, they are connected by straps on the sides and shoulder tissue inserts. There are also bulletproof vests that are worn over the head, equipped with soft armor packages that protect the human body from damage on the sides.

If you want to buy body armor inserts

The quality of body armor inserts and ballistic inserts is checked by a shot. One way or another, their main purpose is to protect vital organs and blood vessels from shots to defeat. Correctly installed armor plates can protect the heart, arteries and diaphragm (after all, it is responsible for respiratory function, which is very important). They need to be selected in size: they should not overlap the delta muscle, exert pressure on the shoulder, cause discomfort.

Small armor plates may not protect, for example, the abdominal cavity or lungs, so be careful when choosing armor plates. You must to know the ballistic inserts which you can buy in our online store are also providing strong protection for plate carrier – they save you from numerous bullet hits from machine guns and other small arms.

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