Guide to Anti-theft & RFID Blocking Gear


Anti-theft purses, wallets, travel gear and other devices are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a better sense of safety. Stakes are especially high when we leave our homes with valuable stuff such as cash and important documents. Although no security mechanism is 100% hack proof, modern anti-theft products do offer an extra layer of security, especially when you are frequently traveling.

This guide covers some of the best anti-theft and RFID blocking products and has been divided into three sections i.e. men, women and traveling. The products have been carefully selected keeping price, features and the value on offer in mind (the most expensive doesn’t necessarily translate into best).

There are all sorts of anti-theft devices available, but for the sake of keeping it simple, we’ll only cover the essentials i.e. travel gear, wallets, purses, backpacks. The first section covers men-specific products such as wallets and backpacks, the second section covers purses and backpacks for women and the third section is dedicated for frequent travelers and adventurers.

Who needs anti-theft and RFID Blocking gear?

Gone are the days when anti-theft bags and purses looked ugly and were difficult to use. Today you cannot tell by the looks of a purse if it’s anti-theft or not. That’s yet another important reason for everyone to keep all their high-value items and cards inside an anti-theft gear. Sure, they cost a bit more than a regular bag or purse, but considering the peace of mind they offer they are simply worth the extra money.

However, such anti-theft bags and purses are not magical and you still need to practice common sense and stay vigilant to outsmart thieves. Organized groups would keep trying to distract and divert your attention from your bag/purse. In any case, RFID blocking prevents others from scanning your cards, while anti-theft features greatly improve security and prevents thieves from accessing what’s inside.

What’s so special about anti-theft gear?

While features and technology being used varies from one product to another, most RFID-based anti-theft products are made using slash-resistant fabrics and advanced locking designs. Here are a few things one should consider before buying an anti-theft bag, purse, travel bag, wallet and so on.

Fabric & Panels

Bags, wallets and purses made using anti-slash material prevents thieves and pickpockets from slashing them open and gain access to valuable items.

RFID Blocking

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking slots prevent digital thieves from scanning RFID cards and passports. Most products with this technology come with an RF-blocking icon or sign, but it’s always better to check the specifications or ask the manufacturer before making a purchase.
E-thieves can steal your personal information by using an RFID scanner. RFID-blocking prevents this by blocking RF waves from getting inside and reading information from passports, credit cards and other RFID-based cards.


Locking compartments and straps keep things you access frequently safe by protecting them from grab-and-go thieves. Purpose-built locking hardware further secures immovable items and makes it a lot more difficult for thieves to unlock the bag. Such locking mechanisms tether the zippers to another metal loop or tab, making it almost impossible for thieves to slide open a zipper using one hand.


Adjustable and slash-proof straps allow users to wear a bag in different positions and not just the shoulders. Steel reinforced straps further enhance the security by preventing thieves from quickly cutting them and running away. Most anti-theft bags for women are cross-body, providing better grip and control.

Other features

In addition to the basic features, certain features such as weight and style also play an important role in a buying decision. If you are looking for a purse you plan on keeping as a regular purse, you’d want to buy a lightweight and stylish product. Other things you might want to consider include versatility, and waterproofing and whether it’s easily washable or not.

It’s important to know that not all products labeled as ‘anti-theft’ are actually anti-theft. Instead, many of them are just RFID-blocking and not made using a slash-proof material or steel reinforced straps.


Many researchers claim that RFID wallets are useless and you can simply wrap your credit cards etc. in an aluminum foil to get the same results. But do you really want to unwrap noisy aluminum foils every time, especially when around family members and friends or at a restaurant? Not only RFID-blocking wallets look cool and modern, they offer an extra layer of protection without breaking the bank.

What to Look for In an Anti-theft Backpack?

Safety is one of the most important things when you are outside the comforts of your home. Keeping safe also includes considering safety of your belongings. Since your backpack isn’t always in front of you, it becomes important to ensure that thieves are not trying to tamper with it behind your back. Anti-theft backpacks are specifically designed to prevent people from accessing your belongings and provide an added layer of security.

Some of the important factors to consider when looking for an anti-theft backpack include:
Security features such as innovative locking mechanisms, RFID blocking and hidden pockets differentiate anti-theft bags from regular backpacks. A bag without such features is more or less just an everyday backpack.
Size and structural design, buying a large backpack just for carrying a few things would add extra weight. On the other hand, not having enough compartments and pockets to accommodate everything you need on a huge adventure would leave you wanting more.
Durability is another important thing so to consider, especially if you travel frequently. You need a durable, preferably water-proof bag when crossing difficult terrains. Reinforced straps ensure that the backpack won’t break when put it under stress.
Style is important for many of us who want something attractive. However, it’s not wise to compromise on durability and security features just for looks. Comfort features such as shoulder strap padding and backside mesh lining make it easier to carry a bag when traveling or moving frequently between places.
Multi-functionality backpacks allow you to convert them for different situations. For example, some can convert into a day pack, saving you from having to carry a bulky backpack just because you don’t have any other option. These backpacks cost more, but you don’t have to spend money on buying another bag for regular everyday use.


There is one thing common in all highly desirable tourist destinations; they are all crowded with tourists and locals, and you never know who is a pickpocket amongst them. Since you are already away from home and getting help won’t be easy, it makes sense to keep high-value items inside something that’s not easily penetrable by thieves and pickpockets.
It’s not just about protecting high-value items as identity theft is another serious issue that can cause huge damages. Anti-theft and RFID-blocking gear provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind that your valuable stuff and personal information is safe, which is worth the investment and pays well in the long run.