Essential Home Gym Boxing Equipment for Self Defense

Self-defense is important for everybody to learn, as it will be a way for them to protect themselves against criminals that are mostly up to no good. There are many forms of self-defense and martial arts that you can learn and practice, and one of the most effective forms is boxing, which is also considered a sport around the world.

In boxing, you will be able to enhance your punches so that they will be more effective in protecting yourself against criminals and other nefarious people who will do you harm. While many trainers recommend that you should have a sparring partner to train with, you have the option to set up a home gym where you can practice your boxing skills on your own. However, you will need several pieces of gym equipment so that you can have proper boxing training at home. To know more, here are the pieces of essential home gym boxing equipment for self-defense.

Punching Bag

woman hitting a punching bag

A home boxing gym wouldn’t be complete without a punching bag, a sturdy bag usually made of leather that is filled with various thick or soft materials and is hung on the ceiling so that it can move while you are punching it. The materials that are used to fill the bag would depend on the degree of hardness of the punching bag. In addition, the materials would also determine the weight of the bag. Many trainers recommend that you get a punching bag that is approximately half your weight so that you wouldn’t have difficulties in training with it.

Free-Standing Punching Bag

If the ceiling is too low or too high in your home gym, then the regular punching bag may not be suitable since its height may make it harder to hit. But, don’t worry about the ceiling of your home gym, as you can just purchase a free-standing punching bag, which doesn’t need to be hung on the ceiling since it has a stand that will still allow it to recoil or move. Moreover, there are some free-standing punching bags that have wheels on their stands so that you can move them anywhere instead of being stuck in one area of your home gym.

Hand Wraps

The important boxing equipment that is often disregarded or forgotten by many beginners is the hand wrap, which is a strip of fabric that you will need to wrap around both of your hands before putting on the boxing gloves. The reason why you need to apply hand wraps is that it will give your extra protection that boxing gloves cannot provide whenever you are punching an object or a sparring partner. In addition, the hand wraps will also secure your joints so that there will be a reduced risk of getting hand injuries.

Boxing Gloves

Of course, you wouldn’t be able to properly train the sport of boxing without a pair of boxing gloves. The boxing gloves feature thick padding on the knuckles so that you wouldn’t get hurt from punching someone or something during training. In self-defense situations, there will be instances where you are not wearing boxing gloves, but through proper training, your hands will feel stronger and more resilient against the pain even if you are punching barehanded.

Speed Bag

Speed Bag

In order to improve your hand speed, you will need to get a different type of punching bag called the speed bag, which is much smaller than the regular punching bag so that it will have faster recoil. The faster recoil of the speed bag makes it perfect for practicing speedy punches since it can return to its original position quicker than the normal punching bag. In addition to improving hand speed, the speed bag also enhances your hand-to-eye coordination as well as your endurance.

Boxing Fitness Tracker

The boxing fitness tracker, which can usually be worn on the wrist, can serve as a digital trainer while you are practicing boxing at home. With the boxing fitness tracker, you will be able to monitor your heart rate, your punching rate, the time you have given for training, as well as the calories you have burned while boxing. When you connect the tracker to your smartphone, you will be given more features that can help you see which aspects of your skills you need to improve upon or focus on.

Boxing Shoes

black boxing shoes

While you have the option to practice boxing using sneakers or running shoes, it would be much better for your feet if you are wearing boxing shoes, which are typically much higher than regular high-top shoes to provide protection and support for your ankles that are constantly moving or shifting directions. In addition, a proper pair of boxing shoes can also improve your agility compared to regular sneakers since they don’t have a cushion that is too thick (which is usually found in running shoes).

Jump Rope

regular jump rope

In boxing, your feet are also essential parts of your body that you will need to train rigorously, as it is through your feet that you can be more agile to dodge punches from opponents. One of the essential pieces of boxing equipment that will improve your feet is the jump rope, which can enhance the speed of your foot, the quickness of your moves, and your endurance. For boxing training, it would be best if you could get a custom jump rope that is specifically made based on your height and size.

Hand Weights (Weighted Gloves)

To make your punches faster, besides using a punching bag, you will need to wear weighted gloves, which look like regular gloves but are actually filled with weights that will make your hands heavier. You can try punching a speed bag while wearing hand weights during half of your daily training so that once you take off the weighted gloves, your hands will feel lighter and faster while training with the speed bag. There are some weighted gloves that can fit inside boxing gloves, but there are also ones that have extra padding so that they can act like boxing gloves as well.

Resistance Bands

Another piece of equipment that can improve your punching speed and strength is the resistance band, which is strapped on the back of your shorts and pulled using your two hands. The band offers resistance that will make your hands feel heavier, similar to how weighted gloves work. In addition, resistance bands can also be connected to your feel to increase their speed and agility once you take them off after a long training day.

These are ten of the most important pieces of gym boxing equipment that you need to have if you want to train your boxing skills alone in your home gym. If you plan to have a sparring partner, make sure that you also have the proper protective gear for both you and your sparring partner, like padded headgear, chest protectors, and boxing pads or focus mitts.