Potential Penalties for Using Blackjack in California

People use various kinds of self-defense tools to save them from dangerous situations, and that is why a variety of creative weapons came into being. Where many new weapons are being invented, one of them is slapjack, which has become rare and no longer seen very often. This is the era of technology. So, due to this revolution, these old school weapons have been replaced with more technical devices.  One of the most amazing developments in the tactical and self-defense community is blackjack.

Introduction to Blackjack Weapon


In countries like California, police officers are permitted to carry sticks that are expandable and are made to be held comfortably. These weapons are made of hard material like a long metal tube and a spring metal ball at the end of it. It can also be created with just the long bar of metal without any spring and no ball at the end.

This weapon is commonly known as a leather Billy club, or you can also call them batons, sand clubs, saps, leaded canes, or blackjacks. Many people also call them nightclubs. Blackjacks are slanted with something to make the contact area feel strong. The common materialused in the making of blackjack is lead because of its very high density.

Top Blackjack Slappers

1. Bladesusa BJ-L Blackjack Slapper

Bladesusa BJ-L Blackjack Slapper weighs about 11.2 ounces, and it is 11 inches long black leather power.Due to its great quality, the customer like it quite much.

2. Bladeusa BJ-S Blackjack Slapper

It is small as it has a total length of 8.25 inches. Black leather is used for its making and makes it convenient for everyone to hold onto it easily.

3. The Leather Slapper

The leather slapper weighs 14 ounces and has a length of 11 inches. It has a hand strap and is loaded with lead. It is the most common type that anyonewould want to buy for self-defense.

Is it illegal to carry a Blackjack?

In most US states, it is illegal to carry such weapons. This is becausethey are known as thug weapons.In the past, most gangs used them. Police use it when they are near a criminal; they help them take criminals down without major injury.

Nowadays, even police departments are some other methods to tackle the criminals and forbade the use of things like blackjack because they have caused some serious injuries like lifelong brain damage.

Are blackjacks legal in California? The answer is a big “NO.” It is illegal to own one, and if you are caught up red-handed with this weapon, you will get into big trouble. Blackjacks are deadly, quiet, and cheap. Because of this, most criminals easily get their hands on them and use them in criminal activities. But California has some laws about prohibited weapons.

California’s Weapon Laws on Blackjack

Many people might wonder, “Are blackjack legal in California?” No, it is not legal. In fact, there are some strict laws for citizens of California. For the private citizen, the manufacturing and selling of this weapon are strictly restricted under the weapon laws in the California penal code.

Selling and Dealing in Batons is Prohibited

It is illegal for citizens of California to sell, buy, possess, or use dangerous weapons, such as blackjack. In 2012, California law revised its rules and laws, and according to statute revisions, the “dangerous weapon” term became “generally prohibited weapons.”

Limited Exceptions

In California, citizens cannot possess blackjack legally, but there are limited exceptions through which you can have your baton weapon. The most common exception is for the police officers. The others who can use blackjacks legally are forensic lab workers, antique dealers, martial art schools, and historical societies. The only reason for their permit to possess these weapons is for their business dealings.

No Citizen Should Take Blackjack

In California, you should not carry blackjack because the penal code of California prohibited these types of weapons as well as their manufacturing sale and import. You can face criminal charges if you possess them and import these into California.

Fines and Jail Time

You are found guilty of a criminal offense if you are caught manufacturing, selling, buying, or carrying a blackjack weapon in California. It depends on the prosecutor on your case whether to charge you with a felony or a misdemeanor. The prosecutor checks the facts of your case and circumstances, and most importantly, they check if you are a repeat offender or not. In most common cases, offenders could spend up to a year in a country jail.

Penal Code 22210 PC of California

Under penal code 22210, California explains laws for baton weapons like blackjack. According to this penal code, the possession of these weapons is prohibited and makes it a crime to keep them. This prohibits keeping includes importing, making, trading, lending, and sharing a blackjack. The person who is an offender of this crime gets imprisonment in county jail.

Penalties for Using Blackjack in California

Your charge of possession of blackjack depends on your criminal history and the facts of your case. The charges you get will be either a misdemeanor or a felony.

Following are some penalties if you are caught using or having a blackjack:

Misdemeanor Charges

In case of misdemeanor offenses, you get informal probation with one-year county jail imprisonment in California. The maximum fine of a misdemeanor offense is $1,000. In case you are a repeat offender, you will get both fine and a time in jail.

Felony Charges

If you get felony charges, thereare different penalties you will face as punishments. First, if you get probation, you get incarceration in county jail. If not, you get imprisonment in a county jail for a term of 16 months, two years, or three years. The maximum fine for this crime is $10,000. If you are unlucky, you will face getting a fine and jail time.


If you are an illegal immigrant or legal alien in California and are caught red-handed using or possessing blackjack, you are in trouble.A weapons conviction in California can result in removal.

Revoking of Firearm Possession

Facing misdemeanor charges will not revoke your firearm possession rights. But if you are convicted of a felony, nothing can save you from the lifetime ban from receiving, owning, possessing, or purchasing a firearm. If the court lessens your crime conviction to a misdemeanor, you can restore your rights of firearm possession.


If you get probation, you can petition the court to expunge the conviction. The court will follow the rules and deny expungement if you do not adhere to your probation terms. And if you have the luck to get this opportunity, only your criminal record gets clear, but it does not restore your rights to firearm possession.


If you are caught with a blackjack weapon in California, you will face some serious criminal charges. It is illegal to possess such items that are prohibited by law. But, there are some cases where you have a limited exception to have blackjack. For example, if you are a police officeror own a business such as a lab, antique shop, jewelry shop, and martial arts, you can keep a blackjack without facing any legal issues.

Except these, no citizen should carry these weapons. If they break the law, they are called criminals and can face a minimum of one-year imprisonment and a fine of $1,000, or both. In case of felony charges, one will lose his lifetime right to firearm possession.