Ways to Use Home Drones for Defense

Security is one of the most important concerns for anyone these days. There are various techniques with which trespassers are able to bypass the security cameras. The need for innovation and improvement towards home security and defense is essentially important. For this reason, people are now moving to “home drone defense”. This allows you to safeguard your home in a much better manner with the help of drone technology. As a matter of fact, there are several ways in which you can use home drones for the purpose of defense. We’ll explain how. 

A Little Overview About the Drone Technology

For those who are new to this, drones can be defined as unmanned aerial vehicles which are used for recreational, warfare, spying, and defense purposes. Drone technology got popular in the US in 2015. While it was only for the use of recreation at first, it was soon realized that drones can be helpful in numerous ways. 

Other than recreation, drone technology got popular mainly because of its numerous uses such as security, assistance in firefighting, assistance in videography, assistance in the construction industry, and mainly, the adaptability that drone technology brings. While humans cannot go to every tight spot, drones can easily access these areas. A better viewing angle is possible with the help of drones.

Why Use Drones for Home Defense?

One of the main reasons why people use home drones for defense instead of a full-scale security camera system is because 

  • CCTV Cameras and a properly developed home security system are quite expensive
  • There are many limitations involved with security systems that can be reduced with the help of a home drone defense system

A standard drone has a camera that can provide a wide view towards the front of your home yard. Several accessories can be added to a drone to make the security system even more versatile. For example, a night vision camera, or a waterproof case for the camera could help you add more value to the security system. The best part is that a drone is not usually noticed by the trespassers as a security threat. Therefore, they normally do not try to bypass it. 

Ways to Use Home Drones for Defense

Home drones are generally for the purpose of recreation. However, one can use them for defense in various ways, as mentioned below. 

Keep a Drone in Your Porch

One way to use your standard drone for home defense is to keep it on your porch at a place where it is not visibly seen. Even if it does get seen, no trespasser will most likely be trying to bypass it. As a result, tracking a trespasser would become quite easy. Keeping it on your porch will also allow you to track the movement outside your house without any full-scale security systems. With the help of a night vision camera, you can have the security system both, day and night. 

Keep a Drone Inside Your Home

Security systems such as CCTV Cameras are visibly present everywhere. As a result of this, the ones who enter your house are deliberately being careful about not coming in sight of the hidden cameras. Others might even wear a mask when they see a camera. In some countries, home servants and maids are sometimes involved in stealing and burglary. Since these people are aware of the locations of all cameras, they try to look for a loophole and take away any items they want. Cameras make it easy to capture but difficult to track these days mainly because burglars and trespassers have become too smart for cameras. 

Keeping a drone inside your home at a possible location where you have your delicate and expensive items is a good idea. No one will have a suspicion that it is having a recording camera system as well. Pro tip – Whenever you are going out, remember to turn on the camera of your drone so that it records while you are away. 

Quadcopter drone with 4K video camera

Use a Programmable Home Tour Drone Camera

One of the best ways to use a home drone for defense is to have a programmable drone camera. These cameras are installed within a drone and this drone can be programmed to take a tour of the house at different intervals. Even if you are not at home, you can see your entire house from every corner with the help of this drone camera. The main reason why this technology is considered better than a CCTV camera is that it can access your home from every corner, every spot, up and down – left and right, with access to even the tightest spots in a convenient manner. 

There are several other features in this camera too such as the motion sensor which will activate the drone camera and it will start capturing everything. You can get one from “Ring” which offers the “Always Home Cam”. Sunflower Labs also offers a similar system known as the Home Awareness System. This will also patrol around the house with the use of different types of ground sensors. However, the cost is quite high at about $9,000. 

Such a patrolling system is usually considered ideal for large properties as they require smart surveillance systems and the high cost of acquiring such a drone will be justified with the help of this drone. 

Keep the Drone at Your Roof at Night

If you can’t afford to have a full-scale security system, another way to use your drone for security purposes is to keep your drone on the roof every night. In case your roof is accessible via a door, you can keep the drone directly. In case it isn’t, you would have to fly the drone on the top of the roof every night and then get it back in the morning. This way, you will have to charge it every day. However, it is surely a possible way to have your house tracked with the help of drones and not security cameras. 

Can Drones Replace Security Systems for Home Defense?

This is the biggest question one might face when talking about home drones for defense. While some regular home drones will come at a cheap cost, they are not going to work autonomously. You can only keep them at one spot and they will record for some while after which their batteries will have to be re-charged. This can also be called the “biggest knock-off” for drone technology. 

On the other hand, the autonomous ones are most likely going to be quite expensive. They will be able to patrol, cover, monitor, and trigger a set of defense actions but the cost is going to be massive. A person can install different security systems with movable cameras, trigger sensors, and much more features as well for a lesser cost than it will be for an autonomous drone. 


Another main element to consider over here is that autonomous drone technology is relatively new and we can expect different types of product glitches, malfunctions, and certain other kinds of abnormal behaviors from the drone.  In the case of CCTV Camera systems, the product is already at the perfect development stage. There are no glitches or malfunctions. There are constant improvements and developments for these systems to make them less costly as well as more efficient in providing home defense. 

With the arrival of movable cameras and cameras that can be controlled via your smartphones, drone defense technology becomes a “no longer required” kind of a thing. Yes! It does have an edge by accessing even the congested and hidden spots, but then again, if you have a properly established security system at home, there are going to be no hidden spots in any way. 

Just like a trespasser can see a security camera, he can also see a drone and break it into pieces or just turn it the other way if it is kept at a certain position. However, doing that with a camera may be a bit more difficult as there are many cameras plus the cameras are at a certain height making them a bit hard to reach. In contrast, you can’t just place your drone on the top of a pillar. 

Therefore, the answer to the question of whether home drones can be used for defense is not clear. As of this moment, the smart security and surveillance cameras are doing the job with very minor problems or errors in the run-time. It is quite early to conclude and decide where drone technology with defense goes in the future but we can still expect a few top-class models to be introduced in the next 5 years. Most likely, we will be seeing robots for defense and security in the future, and autonomous drones are just the start of it.


Drones can be used for home defense in certain ways and we have mentioned them above. In case you have a regular home drone, you can simply just place it anywhere in your home and keep the recording mode on. Alternatively, if you have an autonomous drone, it will be a way better but a bit more costly option. Autonomous drones are going to be more useful mainly because they can track and patrol around your home without any kind of human assistance.