Benefits of a Stack-On Safe

A good gun safe is always worth the research and the investment since it will protect you and your family from potentially dangerous circumstances. Over the decades, Since Stack-On has become a popular choice among many well-known stores, including Amazon and Walmart which is why you might have probably come across a lot of their products while looking for your next gun safe in the market. Quality and dependable gun safes and cabinets that safely store firearms have been offered by Stack-On to gun owners for 40 years. 

To help consumers find the one that best suits them, Stack-On offers a variety of goods. Products from Stack-On are designed to prevent theft and robberies. Depending on the safe type you choose, the safe can provide enough space since it allows for the storage of ammunition, rifles, shotguns, and pistols. These appliances have excellent theft defenses, and their walls are sturdy enough to protect the contents. 

What is a Stack-On Safe? 

While the name might be understandably confusing, Stack-On gun safes are actually a particular brand of safe produced by the Stack-On Corporation. They are a more recent business that was founded in 1972. They concentrate on providing worthwhile goods to DIY-ers, tradespeople, and mechanics. Storage options from Stack-On range from cabinets and toolboxes to drawers with the organization for hobbyists and their variety of products have catered to gun owners and safe-buyers for years. 

In addition to selling security items like cabinets and gun safes, they also offer tiny fire-resistant safes for documents and valuables in an effort to expand into the office sector. Despite being one of the more recent businesses operating on the market, they have established a reputation for themselves by becoming one of the most well-known and reasonably priced manufacturers of gun safes.

What are the Benefits of a Stack-On Safe?

Water and Fire Resistant 

Surprisingly, there aren’t many manufacturers in the market that offer watertight safes, thus this is a feature that the gun-safe business really needs. Stack-On safes come with water-resistance features that are necessitated especially for people living in flood-prone locations that require a gun safe.

In the event of a fire, the contents of the gun cabinet, such as documents, will be safe thanks to the fire retardant substance lining the steel doors. ETL has certified that the safe is fire resistant for 30 minutes at 1400°.

While there aren’t many safes that offer these features, these are among the most important advantages that Stack-On safes offer to the market which also make them stand out. 

Strong Security

Stack-On safes come with amazing security mechanisms. The strictest security requirements specified by numerous government agencies are met by this safe with an electronic lock. The security safe has a two-way locking mechanism and a three-number combination lock. A drill-resistant steel plate is built into the electronic lock, making it impossible for anyone to enter using a power drill of any type. 

This safe features two-way locking bolts on the opening side of the door that are made of sturdy one-inch steel as its primary safety mechanism. For the best defense of your weapons and belongings, it also includes six locking points where the 1-inch metal pieces latch into. 

Dimensions and Size

You may get a solid notion of what you can safely fit within a gun safe by understanding its actual size rather than merely the manufacturer’s promises about its interior storage capacity. The safe is 59 inches high, 26.82 inches wide, and 17.63 inches deep. This measures roughly 150 by 68 by 44.8 centimeters. The interior measures 54.96′′ in height, 26.61′′ in width, and 14.83′′ in depth. Long rifles and other long firearms can be stored easily due to their height; as was already noted, the safe can accommodate guns up to a height of 54 inches, but fitting anything longer into it is nearly impossible. 

Since a gun safe’s main function is to deter trespassers, these characteristics facilitate security since the safe would be difficult to move especially if it is simply bolted to the floor because it weighs 414 pounds.


Stack-On safes are highly stylish and appealing which would be a wonderful addition to any wardrobe or storage area. The outside of the safe features an exquisite matte black finish. Along with an elegant-looking handle, the exterior of the safe has a black electronic lock keypad. To safeguard your firearms and valuables from knocks, scratches, and dents, the interior of the safe is entirely carpeted with gray upholstery. 

The upholstery not only shields the weapons adequately but also effectively muffles noise. The interior of the safe is completely configurable, allowing you to adapt the space to meet your own demands. The safe’s four included horizontal shelves can all be removed and adjusted, and its central vertical divider can be moved about.

Build Excellence

The Stack-On safes are very sturdily constructed. Its strong construction is made largely of steel. It even has steel plating on its sides. The safe may safely store your valuables and firearms and cannot be easily broken into because it is composed of fairly sturdy steel material. Additionally, due to its solid construction, it won’t easily tip over or fall over. 

Affordable Options

Since not everyone can afford gun safes that amount to $3,000, Stack-On offers an array of affordable options to the market that the buyers can choose from. Because Stack-On safes are entry-level safes, many people have them in their homes. Sadly, not everyone can afford to spend $2000 or even more on a gun safe, therefore this company provides many good alternatives. 

The Key Combination Lock

Reliability is excellent with the dial combination lock. You have to start again from scratch if you don’t hit a number precisely as you should. A three-dial combination lock mechanism that is included with this gun cabinet is guaranteed to prevent unwanted intruders from accessing your safe.

However, only for the user, it opens quickly. After some practice, accessing your high school locker is practically effortless. The combination lock has an anti-drill steel plate to further increase security by making it incredibly difficult, sluggish, and audible for an intruder to drill through the gun safe. It’s significantly simpler to maintain than its equivalent, the electronic digital lock, as it doesn’t need batteries to operate.

Features that Stand Out

  • Its simple combination of access, ample storage, and strong security features are totally in agreement with numerous rating agencies.
  • Even if the outer carton is broken during transportation, the sturdy packaging protects the product from harm.
  • It is really nicely carpeted inside, has a really strong and sturdy structure, and has a very tough design.
  • Buyers of this gun safe appear to agree that it is quite reasonably priced and offers good value for the money.
  • The user’s ability to design a safe interior that best suits their individual demands is made possible by the removable shelves, which is a significant advantage.
  • It has DOJ approval.
  • It is highly dependable and simple to maintain dial combination lock system.
  • Up to 24 guns can be kept in there.
  • Four of its shelves are movable, making it simple to customize the interior arrangement to your needs.
  • Guns and other items are kept in good condition because the entire interior is carpeted.
  • The unique barrel rests protect the scopes on rifles with scopes and keep them in good condition.
  • Because it is made of fire-resistant material, the contents of the gun cabinet will remain secure in the event of a fire.

Final Thoughts 

Having said these benefits, Stack-On indeed has a wide range of reliable and quality products from mid-range to low-end and affordable safes. They continue to be a legitimate player in the gun safe market and provide some excellent value and great alternative options to the buyers. 

A full list of their products are readily made available on their website as well as the recently asked questions on their product listings. However, since each type of a Stack-On safe offers varying features, any buyer must thoroughly examine which type of Stack-On safe suits their needs best.