What Is a Security Drone?

Surveillance is commonly done using the traditional method, which is characterized by cameras fixed on a structure, or handled manually by an individual. While it does wonders and has been very beneficial in ensuring security, it still has boundaries as it is usually limited by location and the stationary position of the camera.

Fortunately, drones came into the picture and opened up a variety of uses, more seen in films, videography, and art. Yet, this device can also serve as a very capable security tool, boasting high potential and efficiency in the surveillance arsenal.

Advantages of Security Drones

Security drones shatter barriers faced by old methods and provide a faster, cheaper, and easier way of data collection. Plus, these tools are often equipped with thermal sensors and night vision cameras, allowing them to go beyond the capability of the human eye. Add to that, security drones are also handier and can go through smaller spaces without much noise and can be great for home security.

Though security drones are less likely to permanently substitute the human workforce, those key advantages and the array of tasks they can perform proves that they are an excellent addition for keeping security. Here, discover more about security drones and the amazing benefits they offer.

Faster Option

For the apparent reasons that security drones fly and can reach high elevation, they serve as a swifter alternative and can match or even outrun the typical running speed of humans. These tools don’t have to deal with physical hindrances, such as cars, buildings, trees, or other landscapes, allowing them to move pretty fast.

More Streamlined Communication

Timeliness is crucial for any security risk and any delay in communication may jeopardize the area being protected. Security drone bridges any gap as it is controlled using software or system, which has a pre-set course of actions allotted for each type of event. In case of a break-in, these drones are quickly informed about the occurrence and quickly dispatched to exact the location using the predefined routes. As such, it provides an efficient response to any scene with less human intervention and possibilities of error.

Fewer Safety Risks

Different procedures and orders are followed in various situations, which are all aimed to ensure the safety of all the people around. When it comes to security drones, they are freer and are not restricted by such safety protocols. With that, they can fulfill their task to surveil deliberately whilst decreasing the risks for humans.

Exceptional Vision

As seen on smartphones, camera technology has come a long way, getting more clearer and producing higher quality images but at the same time, decreasing the camera size and weight. Security drones can be equipped with a high-resolution camera that also boasts incredible zooming abilities. Through that, surveillance can be done with more details and can be accomplished even from great distances. Night vision and thermal cameras also vastly improved across the years, and can even penetrate thick vegetation, smoke, and harsh weather conditions, providing remarkable perspective even at night.

Downsides of Security Drones

With such benefits, it can be enticing to get a security drone right away. However, like all other things, this tool also has its disadvantages.

One major concern is that security drones are battery-operated. That means that at a  certain point, their battery will drain and they will need to be charged again. Typically, a fully-charged security drone can fly about 30 minutes before it needs to be “refueled.” However, charging times usually takes a longer time than the actual period it can operate.

Moreover, flying security drones are governed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as they operate in the United States airspace. That implies that you need to coordinate first with them and follow some guidelines before you can actually start taking your security drone for a spin. Another critical problem would be potential hacking and with hackers getting more crafty, they may breach any loophole.


Security drones are still uprising technology. Though it has a lot of benefits humans can take advantage of, it also has its drawbacks to consider. Nevertheless, people are known to be innovative. Who knows what developments are yet to come that will change the landscape of security, catapulting drones as one of the best security tools soon.