Should I Use a Hotel Safe?

A hotel safe is a secure storage unit that is placed inside a hotel room. It is designed to provide guests with a safe and secure place to store their valuables during their stay. Hotel safes are typically made of steel and come in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on the hotel’s storage needs. They can be opened using a variety of different methods, such as a key, a combination code, or even a biometric scanner.

Functions of a hotel safe

The hotel safe serves as an essential security measure for both hotel guests and staff. Its primary function is to provide a secure storage space for valuables such as passports, cash, and jewelry, preventing theft and loss. 

black hotel safe

In addition, hotel safes serve as a security net against fall accusations of theft. Without a safe, guests may be more likely to misplace or lose their valuables, leading them to believe that they were stolen. This can result in negative reviews, damage to the hotel’s reputation, and even legal action. By offering a safe, hotels can demonstrate their commitment to guest safety and prevent potential legal and financial repercussions.

People often have second thoughts about using a hotel safe; however, below are some points to consider:

1. Customize the combination lock before using the safe

It is highly recommended to change the combination lock of the hotel safe when using it for the first time. This precautionary measure ensures that only you have access to the contents of the safe. Changing the combination lock is a simple process, and the hotel staff are usually available to assist guests who require assistance. 

It is also advisable to change the lock periodically during your stay to maintain the confidentiality of your valuables. By following this practice, you can enjoy peace of mind and protect your possessions against theft or unauthorized access.

2. If the safe is key-locked, bring the key with you whenever you head out of the hotel

While most hotel safes these days are locked with a customizable combination key, others still use key-locked safes. If the hotel safe is key-locked, it is essential to bring the key with you whenever leaving the hotel. Leaving the key in the room poses a security risk as unauthorized individuals may be able to access the safe. Additionally, hotel staff may need to enter the room for maintenance or cleaning, and leaving the key in the room could result in the safe being inadvertently left unlocked.

safe containing passport and valuables

3. Decide which of your belongings in the hotel safe

Valuables such as money, passports, jewelry, and important documents like travel insurance policies and airline tickets should be kept inside the safe. It’s also recommended to keep electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, and cameras inside the safe when not in use.

Hotel safes offer a secure space to keep such valuables, especially when you keep going in and out of the hotel. You don’t have to bring your valuables with you all the time outside the hotel, and doing so only increases the risk of misplacing them or having them stolen. 

There are also other important items that you don’t have to bring with you at all times. Storing important documents like travel insurance policies and airline tickets inside a safe can help prevent loss or damage, which could result in significant financial losses or missed opportunities.

A safe provides a secure and protected storage space that can prevent theft, damage, or loss of these items. Secondly, in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency, a safe can help keep these important items safe and accessible.

4. A hotel safe is an ideal place to keep gadgets

With the increasing prevalence of expensive technology devices, such as smartphones and laptops, the importance of safeguarding these items has become more critical than ever before. 

A hotel safe offers a reliable and easily accessible option for keeping these gadgets out of harm’s way, whether it be from theft or damage. Many hotels offer in-room safes that are specifically designed to accommodate electronic devices, providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing your electronics are protected.

5. Do not store all of your cash in the hotel safe

It is important to exercise caution when storing cash while traveling. While hotel safes may seem like a secure option, it is not wise to store all of your cash in them. Hotel staff and maintenance workers may have access to the safe, and in rare cases, the safe itself may be compromised. 

The hotel staff may not be liable for stolen items left in the safe. It is best to only store a portion of your cash in the safe and keep the rest with you or in a separate location.

hotel safe in closet

6. Read the hotel’s policy on their safety deposit box prior to actually using it

Prior to utilizing a hotel’s safety deposit box, it is imperative to read and understand their disclaimer. The purpose of a safety deposit box is to provide a secure location to store valuable items, however, hotels may not be liable for any loss or damage. The disclaimer may also outline restrictions, such as the type of items that can be stored or the hours of accessibility. Failure to comprehend the terms and conditions could result in an unpleasant experience.

7. Bring a portable safe with you

In addition to the hotel safe, a portable safe provides a secure location for valuable items such as passports, cash, jewelry, and electronics. It can be easily transported and stored in your luggage or secured to a fixed object in your room. By using a portable safe, you can alleviate concerns about theft or loss and enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

8. Be aware of the safe’s limitations

While hotel safes are secure, they are not 100% secure. Indeed, their passwords are customizable, but these can also be reset after use. Hotel management also keeps a copy of the safe’s master code or master key, which they use whenever the situation calls for it.

It is also important to keep in mind that hotel staff can go in and out of your room to clean and change sheets. If you are keeping valuables in your room, you may want to specifically request not to have cleaning services during your stay, and place the “do not disturb” sign outside the door to prevent any unauthorized entry – on top of placing your valuables inside the safe.