What Are the Benefits of Owning a Slingshot?

A slingshot is not just a toy; it is a completely effective hand-powered projectile weapon used by humans for centuries for self-defense and hunting. This Y-shaped weapon should be held in the non-dominant hand, and the rubber stripes are stretched and shot by the dominant hand. 

Some other names that are commonly used for a slingshot are, Catapult, Kettie, Gulel, Ging, Pachoonga, and Shanghai 

A Brief History of Slingshot 


Earlier, slingshots were usually made of forked branches, and rubber stripes took out of other things such as inner tubes. The early slingshots were usually used as a hunting arm, and people would especially learn to use these slingshots. Hunters used buckshot, lead musket balls, air gun pellets, steel ball bearings, or nails for hunting down squirrels, rabbits, doves, quails, and pheasants. 

Slingshots have been around way before they were manufactured commercially in 1918. The first model was named Zip-Zip, which was made out of cast iron. During World War 2, slingshots became quite popular; however, they were still a do-it-yourself thing. 

During the 1940s, the company named Wham-O named their first product as Wham-O Slingshot, which was made out of ash wood and flat rubber bands. It was in the 40s when the National Slingshot Association was created. 

Slingshots other than being a weapon are also sometimes used for angling, i.e., to disperse bait in water in a wide range. This way, more fishes are attracted toward the fishing rod. 

Why Should You Own a Slingshot?


Slingshots are a great deal when it comes to survival, self-defense, and home security. Today several companies are manufacturing different types of slingshots, some with wrist braces, while others without it. In short, there is a wide range to choose from. 

Benefits of Using a Slingshot 

Some people often ask, why would someone use a slingshot when guns and other self-defense weapons are easily accessible? Well, there are several benefits that come along with a slingshot, such as:

1. Slingshots are Lightweight 

Firstly, slingshots do not weigh much and are portable in nature. Having a slingshot in your backpack, pocket, or purse wouldn’t make you feel like you are carrying a load of weight. The lightweight and compact design of a slingshot make it easier for anyone to keep it with them at all times. Moreover, the ammunition of slingshots is all based on kinetic energy, making it really inexpensive. 

2. Slingshots are Affordable 

Slingshots are quite affordable compared to other weapons like guns and rifles. If you want to stay safe but don’t want to spend too much money, slingshots will definitely work for you. 

3. Slingshots are Silent Weapons 

Have you ever heard a gunshot? It’s loud, and it can scare people within a large distance. Either you are using a slingshot for hunting or for self-defense, you wouldn’t have to worry about the noise coming out of it when you shoot it. 

4. Instant Availability to Shoot 

Slingshots do not need a bullet refill; you can simply put a right-sized stone, steel ball-bearing, or even glass marbles to shoot your target. Not having to refill and load a slingshot saves you a lot of time. 

5. A Wide Range to Choose From 

There are various types of slingshots available on the market today, which gives you the freedom to get the one that suits your needs best. Either it is a wrist rocket, slingshot bow, or pocket slingshot, you can choose whatever seems best to you. Moreover, it also allows you to choose from different types of ammunition as well. 

6. Easy to Use 

A slingshot is one of those weapons that can be used even if someone doesn’t have proper practice. So if you have a slingshot, you will probably be able to use it perfectly after shooting a few times. 

Can You Save Your House with the Help of a Slingshot?


There are two main types of slingshots; the first is the simple one consisting of a Y-shaped handle and a rubber suspended with its ends. This first kind of slingshot is terrible to be used in survival situations. However, the second type is the modern version of the slingshot, which consists of wrist support. These slingshots with wrist support can produce sufficient velocity that can easily kill small animals and cause serious injuries to humans.

Moreover, the projectiles available today hit harder than a stone. Among all the different projectiles available, the steel ball bearings are the best for self-defense and hunting. 

A little practice can make you save your house from intruders or small animals at any time. Spend some hours on practice, aim for things and see how much do you improve. If your aiming game is perfect, you are good to use a slingshot to save your house. 

Some might think that a gun or any other firearms could also be used to keep your house safe; however, a slingshot is actually a better option in several situations. 


Firearms may be great for hunting, but you might not have access to them all the time. Moreover, not everyone can use firearms properly; for example, a kid or someone who has never used a firearm before will only find himself in trouble when there is no other weapon to save his/herself. Slingshots are considered better for home safety as using them wouldn’t lead you into a big issue, like illegal shooting. Imagine an intruder with a knife in his hand ambushed by a group of people with slingshots aimed towards him? Sounds fun, right? 

If you are living off the grid, you might also be aware of the dangers that do not come from street thugs but from the woods, i.e., a pack of dogs. A person who doesn’t have a slingshot on him is most likely to be attacked by such animals; however, you can fight for your safety if you have a slingshot and some projectiles with you. 


You may remember slingshots as a toy, but the actual professional level slingshots are no toy. As we mentioned earlier, a good shot with a slingshot can actually cause a serious injury to a human, which is why it is a great thing to have at your house for safety purposes. Slingshots may not be as dangerous as firearms, but you still need to be careful about who has access to them. Ensure that kids cannot easily access slingshots, as they can injure each other while playing with them.