Self Defense Tools

a deadlock with a key in the hole 

Choosing the Best Lock Company in the US

A secure home is one of the most comforting things in people’s lives. It is an excellent source of mental peace ...
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A taser device

Baseball Bat Taser – Are They Legal?

Knowing how to defend yourself and having the right tools to do so is extremely important. However, carrying weapons is often ...
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An original Kubotan keychain with keys attached

Adding Self Defense Tools to Your Keychain

When you are in a difficult and dangerous situation with another human, any kind of tool may be helpful whether it ...
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police officer wearing a tactical vest

What is a Tactical Vest?

When it comes to providing policemen and soldiers the best protection, there are only a few accessories and pieces of equipment ...
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What is a Tactical Pen?

There have been many self-defense weapons that have been invented and developed over the years, but one of the most peculiar ...
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digital safe

Best Places to Put a Safe in the House

When it comes to precious items like jewelry, money, or documents, there is no other cabinet or box that is as ...
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Taser used by the police

What is a Taser and How Does It Work?

The Taser is arguably one of the best non-lethal weapons that almost every policeman around the world has. Instead of using ...
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A single dial combination padlock by Master Lock.

How Does a Combination Lock Work?

In today’s world of intricately put together and complexly assembled items and gadgets, it is sometimes quite easy to forget just ...
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A Security Door Knob Lock

Brinks Security Locks for the Long-term

Founded in 1859, Brinks is one of the world’s best lock company that manufactures high-quality locks. These locks are great for ...
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A self-defense telescopic baton

Should Women Use Self-Defense Batons?

In today’s world, when more and more women are countering incidents of sexual assaults daily, the expandable self-defense batons are becoming ...
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An electric lock core

What is the Best Lock Core Type?

There are particular kinds of locks that have a removable core. These locks come with a removable cylinder. And amazingly, there ...
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a black, telescopic self-defense wand

What is a Self-Defense Wand?

The crime rate is increasing extensively over time. There is no place where we can consider ourselves safe and secure. Whenever ...
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Baldwin lock

How Do Baldwin and Schlage Locks Compare?

Baldwin vs.Schlage locks, which one is better? That is the question we will tryto answer with different comparisons. Although both companies ...
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Riley Home Defense Moveable Robot

Can You Use Robots for Home Defense?

Robot home defense becoming a norm in modern society, is bound to become the next step in the development of robotic ...
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What You Should Look For In A Self Defense Knife

What You Should Look For In A Self Defense Knife

Looking for a knife for self defense if very different from looking for a knife for every day use. A knife ...
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Airsoft Guns for Self-Defense

Airsoft Guns For Self-Defense

While thinking of your own safety and that of your home, a home security system or a real gun comes to ...
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All About Glass Break Detectors

Breakdowns are more than a mere nuisance. They are threats to your home security and safety. Even though there are security ...
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All About Intercoms

Here in this article, we will discuss about the three basic types of intercom: wireless, hardwired and video. This article will ...
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Introduction to Motion Sensors

If you want to beef up your home security arsenal, you may want to consider motion sensors. Nowadays, they do not ...
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Bob’s Guide to Safes

A Guide to Choosing Safes

A safe is possibly your last wall of defense between your important belongings and a home invader. A good alarm will ...
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Burglar Alarms Info Article

When it comes to the security of your home, you don't take chances. You have to make sure that everything is ...
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