Fortress Security Store DIY Total Security Alarm System C Kit Pet Friendly Sensors, Indoor/Outdoor Stobe Siren, Remote Monitoring with FREE App. for Android & Apple and More for Complete Home Securiy

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Product Description

The Fortress Total Security-C DIY Security Alarm kit is specifically set up for locations where pets will be present. The system comes with 3 pet immune motion sensors that will ignore most pets up to 50 pounds. Enabling smart detection for Pet Immune sensors can help avoid false alarms from larger pets and cats with a tendency to climb. The Smart Detection feature (available on ALL Total Security Systems) requires the motion detector to be triggered twice within 30 seconds to trigger the alarm. The Fortress Total Security-C kit is also great for customers with a detached garage or barn where mice or other small animals might be present. It is equipped with a built in siren and a remote wireless siren, both have adjustable volume which you can control. The sirens provide extra deterrence to intruders. The system requires a SIM card to call or text in the event of a break in as well as to use the application for remote access. This system uses 3G/4G cellular technology to place calls and send text messages.

The Total Security Package C Includes

1 x Fortress Total Security Main panel
3 x Pet Immune Motion Sensors
3 x Fortress Total Security Remote Fobs
4 x RFID Key Tags
10 x Fortress Total Security Door/Window Contacts
1 x Panic Button
1 x Fortress Total Security Plugin Siren
1 x Fortress Indoor/Outdoor Strobe Siren

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