Terms Related to Batons and Baton Use

Self protection gear with a baton

There are many weapons out there that you can use to defend yourself. There are stun guns, punch rings, and more. However, not all of them are legal for local citizens. There are many different laws that may prevent you from carrying such self-defense weapons on you.  Out of all self-defense weapons, … Read more

Rhode Island Self-Defense Laws You’ll Want to Know

Knee Kick Training as a Basic Self Defense Move

When you are in a dangerous situation, having a weapon to defend yourself with, or getting you out of that dangerous situation is extremely vital. However, not all self-defense weapons and methods are permissible by law. Therefore, before you purchase any weapons to carry around as a self-defense weapon, you should make … Read more

Learning to Use a Self Defense Wand

ASP 53 cm (21 in) expandable baton in expanded and collapsed state

A baton or a self-defense wand is a great way to protect yourself if you are in a dangerous area or need to protect yourself at a moment’s notice. It is used most often by police which hints at how useful they are. However, knowing how to use a self-defense baton is … Read more

Baseball Bat Taser – Are They Legal?

A taser device

Knowing how to defend yourself and having the right tools to do so is extremely important. However, carrying weapons is often both illegal and dangerous for normal people. Therefore, governments have to make laws regarding them. These laws are in place to help protect you from any potential harm using weapons such … Read more

Adding Self Defense Tools to Your Keychain

An original Kubotan keychain with keys attached

When you are in a difficult and dangerous situation with another human, any kind of tool may be helpful whether it be small enough to fit on your keychain or large to hit them with. This is where self-defense weapons come into play. Self-defense weapons allow you to feel safe as you … Read more

Essential Home Gym Boxing Equipment for Self Defense

blue boxing gloves

Self-defense is important for everybody to learn, as it will be a way for them to protect themselves against criminals that are mostly up to no good. There are many forms of self-defense and martial arts that you can learn and practice, and one of the most effective forms is boxing, which … Read more

What is Identity Theft Protection?

The internet is regarded as one of the greatest inventions in history, but despite being innovative and beneficial in the advancement of societies, the internet has several weak points that are often difficult to fix. One of those weak points is its security, as some portions of the internet, specifically those found … Read more

How to Protect Money and Jewelry While Traveling

Visiting different countries surely is fun for most of us, but not all aspects of traveling are enjoyable, as there will be moments where we need to be serious, alert, and aware. Like in many countries around the world, there would still be people that will take advantage of others, specifically tourists … Read more

Tips for Keeping Wild Animals Away From a Remote Home

cottage in Iceland

Camping is considered by many families one of the most fun activities that you can do outdoors, but there are some parts of this activity that are not as fun as the others, and one of these parts is the constant visit of pests and other animals around your campsite or remote … Read more

What is a Tactical Vest?

police officer wearing a tactical vest

When it comes to providing policemen and soldiers the best protection, there are only a few accessories and pieces of equipment that are as effective as the tactical vest. The tactical vest, also known as the bulletproof vest, is a piece of clothing that can be worn on a person’s torso and … Read more