How to Protect Money and Jewelry While Traveling

Visiting different countries surely is fun for most of us, but not all aspects of traveling are enjoyable, as there will be moments where we need to be serious, alert, and aware. Like in many countries around the world, there would still be people that will take advantage of others, specifically tourists … Read more

When Should I Change the Keys on My Locks?

key for opening locks

The locks are arguably some of the most important parts of your home, as it makes the house more secure and protected against intruders or burglars that may try to go inside your home and still some of your family’s belongings. So, once you find a fault lock in the house, you … Read more

Tips for Staying Safe While Traveling

luggage with passport

Traveling to different countries around the world is a lifelong dream for most of us, and when we finally achieve that dream, we often get too excited that we often forget that not all places that we can visit are 100% safe. Whenever we visit some countries, we would sometimes get too … Read more

Best Places to Put a Safe in the House

digital safe

When it comes to precious items like jewelry, money, or documents, there is no other cabinet or box that is as effective in keeping these items away from strangers and burglars as a safe. A safe, also known as a safety box, is a type of box that usually has a durable … Read more

What is a Taser and How Does It Work?

Taser used by the police

The Taser is arguably one of the best non-lethal weapons that almost every policeman around the world has. Instead of using guns or firearms, which can be lethal and result in the death of the person being apprehended, most of the personnel within law enforcement would use Taser, otherwise known as a … Read more

Why Do We Need Fire and Smoke Curtains?

lighter, flame, smoke

Fire safety systems are an essential part of every building. Annual safety inspections confirm that your building adheres to the local safety codes, but they only warrant that minimum requirements are reached. Even if your building passes, there are still ways to protect further along with its residents. Detection, notification, and response; … Read more

How Does a Combination Lock Work?

A single dial combination padlock by Master Lock.

In today’s world of intricately put together and complexly assembled items and gadgets, it is sometimes quite easy to forget just how complicated everything around us is. Almost every item in your house right this moment was most likely built on an assembly line in a factory with robotic precision thanks to … Read more

Best Stun Guns for Self Defense

Man with a stungun

Taser guns are used by law enforcement to subdue their targets. This self-defense tool is not just for police but for civilians too. If you are looking for a better self-defense tool than pepper spray, you can use stun guns or teaser devices to defend yourself against an attacker. You can use … Read more

Best Tactical Pens for Self Defense

A Tactical Pen and Cover

A standard pen may serve the purpose of writing. A tactical pen is much like a knife. It is also known as an EDC pen. Some people fail to see the importance of tactical pens or EDC pens in their lives. They might take it as a low defense gadget but it … Read more

States with the Most Strict Billy Club Laws

a police baton

Billy club or a baton is a strong wooden stick with a handle grip designed to strike or hit people if they break laws, commit crimes, and do something terrible. Most police officers carry a Billy club with them. According to a Penal law, the use of particular objects like firearms, electronic … Read more