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Self Defense YOU Can Use
in Today’s Violent World!

The world is changing and self defense is becoming more and more important to stay safe through daily life. Protecting one self is more than knowing karate or carrying a steel baton, it is a state of mind and awareness that will keep you from becoming the next victim. Through common sense, awareness, basic techniques and products, you can give yourself the edge over the dangerous criminal world that intersects daily life.

It is always best to do as much as you can to avoid a confrontation – “anticipation and avoidance” are the best answer to staying safe. If you do end up in bad situation, try talking to an attacker in a non provocative manner. Remaining relaxed, because appearing fearful or stressed out can possibly provoke a attack. Body language is also very important, be sure to keep a good amount of distance between you and a possible aggressor.

The use of a self defense whistle or a personal alarm will also help. The loud loud sound may cause temporary disorientation and it can also signal for help, giving you the necessary time to get away. If you choose to carry a personal alarm device, be sure to carry it somewhere on you body that will allow for quick and easy access. Leaving your alarm buried in your purse or at the bottom of a large pocket will render it useless in an emergency situation.

If you don’t have a whistle or personal alarm, make a loud noise by yelling as loud as you can. It is also effective in most cases to shout “call the police” – if you’re loud enough this can be just as effective as a personal alarm. If you do have a personal alarm, use it while shouting for the maximum effectiveness.

Remain calm and steady yourself if threatened by danger. Using proper self defense includes a steady and calm state of mind. If you were to panic, it may make all preparation useless and you will be totally helpless when it matters most. If you manage to keep control, you will be one step ahead of your attacker.

If you find that you need to fight, use the “bash and dash” approach. When using “bash and dash”, your primary target are an attackers eyes, ears, nose, mouth, throat, groin, knees and shins. Do your best to attack any of these locations or all of them and you will stand a much better chance of escaping.

If an attacker manages to grab you from behind, don’t struggle forward, you’ll only end up exhaust yourself quickly. Instead throwing yourself backwards toward an attacker will likely surprise them and give you a chance to get away. If this does not work, stomp on their foot or lower leg and escape as quickly as possible.

Everyone has the right to defend themselves with reasonable force. Defending yourself includes using any item you may have available such as a bag, umbrella, can, briefcase or even your keys. When using these types of items be sure to get away the first chance you get, don’t continue your attack after you have overcome them, you may put yourself in even more danger or you may get charged by the police for assault.

You have taken the first step to leading a safe life and protection yourself by coming here, now you can work towards ending the fear that comes with daily tasks as simple as walking to your car or taking out the trash. You will see that with a few tips and or a minimal investment you can protect yourself using simple self defense techniques.