Guide to Buying Fire and Smoke Curtains

Purchasing a fire or smoke curtain is one step toward having a safe and protected establishment. However, before buying, you must consider the manufacturer of the product, the effectiveness, the use of a specific type of curtain, and many more. You must purchase a product that is of high quality. Also, a curtain that is appropriate for the areas where you want to install it. Do not worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are some guides to buying fire and smoke curtains.

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Look for a trusted supplier.

The first thing to do before buying fire and smoke curtains is to look for a reliable source. Choose manufacturers that have more experience and longer business years. Also, check the reviews of other buyers on the products you want to buy. These things can ensure that they produce quality products.

Buy products that are made from up-to-date technology.

Fire and smoke curtains made from a more advanced system mean that they can be more effective than those made from older systems. A lot of manufacturers use more advanced technology in making fire and smoke curtains. The use of the latest technology results in more sensitivity when detecting smoke or fire.

Choose products that come with effective systems.

Your fire and smoke curtains must come with effective systems. Fire barriers must be connected to a central control system. A functional system like this means that people will be alerted immediately when a smoke or fire is detected. You can also get quicker help since fire services will also be alerted. It is crucial to have functional systems so that your fire barriers will activate right away and so that you can immediately locate the source of the fire.

Buy a smoke or fire curtain that fits the protection that you require.

When you buy your smoke and fire curtains, you must consider the protection you require. Smoke and fire curtains vary on the levels of fire resistance. Some are highly resistant and only suited for low flames. So before buying, you must know what kind of protection you require so that you can ensure safety from smoke and fire. However, it is always better to choose curtains that can withstand any types of fire that come your way.

Pick smoke and fire curtains that go well with your aesthetic.

Curtains come in different styles and colors. When you want to put something in your building, office, or areas of your house, choose something pleasant to the eyes. Pick smoke and fire curtains that match the room and the style you want to achieve. One thing is to be protected, and another is to feel nice and pretty.

You should also consider what type of fire and smoke curtains to put in a particular space.

There are five different types of smoke curtains, depending on where you want to use them.

  • Vertical Smoke Curtains– they are used to block and prevent the smoke from spreading all over the building. They are installed on windows, open spaces, and other places that the smoke can reach.
  • Horizontal Smoke Curtains– they use this type of curtains on establishments with high ceilings. They help stop the smoke from spreading upward of the building.
  • Draft Curtains– these curtains are usually installed near the vents of a building. With the help of draft curtains, smoke will move upward and out of the establishment. It does not
  • Elevator Curtains– by the name itself, this type of curtain is installed in the elevator. Since elevator shafts move from one place to another, smoke may easily travel and spread throughout the building. Elevator curtains block the smoke in the elevator, preventing it from spreading outside the elevator coverage.
  • Perimeter Smoke Curtains– this type of curtain surrounds the area of the building. When a particular area of an establishment is enclosed with perimeter curtains, smoke will not reach it. This type of smoke curtain is usually placed in stairways or escape routes.


  • Insulated Fire Curtains– this type of fire curtain is ideal for areas with small spaces. This curtain allows people close to the area affected by the fire to pass by without injuring them.
  • Static Fire Curtains– these are usually used in warehouses and lofts. Static fire curtains are fixed curtains. They help in providing compartmentation in open spaces.
  • Automatic Fire Curtains– this type of fire curtain is commonly used by buildings and establishments. Fire curtains like this immediately activate as soon as the sensors detect fire. They are a huge help in stopping the fire from spreading. They also help in saving the building from massive damage.