Budget-Friendly Security Systems For Home Protection

People should feel safe in their homes and should be able to leave their homes without fearing someone will break in and steal their belongings, however, not everybody can afford a good security system. Or that’s how it used to be. These days, many companies came up with budget-friendly security options for people who cannot afford to pay a fortune to keep their home safe. These security systems include essential features such as windows and doors sensors, motion detection, and calling dispatch in case of emergency.

Home Security System Costs

You don’t have to pay for the most expensive security systems in the world to have your house protected against burglars. For as little as 50 cents per day, you can get a security system to monitor your house. The prices differ depending on the option you choose – renting the equipment vs owning it, paying someone to install the system vs doing it yourself, month-to-month monitoring vs yearly monitoring, and so on. The good news is, even for the lowest rates, you can get a good security system. Adobe and SimpliSafe are two options for those who are on a budget but there are many other companies that offer good alternatives. Choose the option that works best for your house and budget.

How To Choose A Cheap Security System

If it’s your first time looking into security systems, let us walk you through all the things you should know when choosing the right company and security system for you:

Security Equipment

The basic security equipment includes entryway sensors, motion detection sensors for inside the house, and a control panel. If you’re willing to pay more than the price of the basic features, you can get access to mobile apps, panic buttons, and keychain remote controls (if you opt for a wireless system).


Installation of the security system can cost you extra. There are companies that offer free installation as long as you pay for repairs and maintenance and companies that charge more than $500 for installation. However, there are also companies that allow you to install the system yourself.


After the system is installed, it needs to be activated. Some security companies require a one-time-only activation fee. This is usually not included in the cost of installation or equipment.


Depending on the type of security system you opt for, you can pay more or less for monitoring. For example, an automated system will definitely cost you more than a basic system. There are companies that allow you to monitor the system yourself and pay only when you need a professional to monitor the system. This is a great option for those who want to have their house monitored only when they are on vacation.


The video comes at an additional cost – you have to pay for the equipment and, sometimes, installation and monitoring. Depending on your plan, cameras can be provided for free or you’ll have to pay an extra fee. Also, there are different types of cameras and different types of camera monitoring. Some cameras videotape only when they detect movement or when something triggered the alarm, others videotape non-stop.