Top Tools to Consider for Home Self Defense

burglar breaking into a home

As the years pass, the world is becoming more dangerous that even when we’re at home, we are no longer sure that we are safe. That’s why one of the top goals of people when it comes to home security is to keep the intruders out. It’s because the whole family is … Read more

The Most Effective Spray for Personal Security

A pepper spray is one of the most common and most popular self-defense weapons. People, especially women, typically choose pepper sprays over any other self-defense tools While a handgun is usually the choice of many people for obvious reasons, a pepper spray has its own advantages. And this makes a lot of … Read more

Non-Lethal Self Defense Tools for Women

Physical and sexual attacks on women can occur at any time. A woman becomes an easy and vulnerable target of predators especially when she is alone – whether she is walking in the streets at night, returning to her car at the parking lot after shopping or withdrawing cash at the ATM. … Read more