VEVOR Security Safe Box Double Door Digital Safe Depository Review

VEVOR Security Safe Box Double Door Digital Safe

The golden rule buying a safe is that don’t get one if it’s under $100 because you’re throwing away your good money down the drain. Most are poorly constructed, and are not going to be as advanced as the higher-priced safes, but not all are bad. However, using a $100-and-under safe you might as well be leaving your valuables sitting on a chair, in the open, and burglars will easily find and grab them without a hitch.

So how does VEVOR Security Safe Box Double Digital Safe Depository match up to some of the best budget safes in the market? Let’s find out on this article.

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One of the things that you immediately notice about this safe is the size. For its price, it’s absolutely massive. It resembles a double-door fridge freezer with a small upper compartment. The dimensions are 31.5 inches x 15.3 inches so it’s the perfect size to store all of your money, jewelry, and guns inside it which, incidentally, is what this safe is designed for. It doesn’t look sleek or stylish but remember that safes are not made for aesthetic purposes, and if someone tells you that how good your safe looks you have probably bought the wrong one.

You’re going to love the size of this safe, but we felt like the company must have reduced it a bit to sell it at this size, considering the price.


The assessment towards this safe’s structure is a mixed bag one at best. It’s both good news and bad news.

But first, let’s go to the good news one – it’s made of heavy-duty steel according to the manufacturer, which is true. But the bad news is that you might have well known that there are different grades of steel. So it means that if you do a drop test on it, it would surely end up getting wrecked on the floor.

You’re not going to submerge this in water, or place it under 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit, either. But it still can withstand a hard bash from a strong, able-bodied man and still remain much unscathed. So it’s safe to say that burglars won’t be smashing this safe with a baseball bat.

The lock

The VEVOR safe has four steel bolts and an LED screen. When you type in your personal three-to-eight digit number, the safe’s electronic system will prompt it to open the door. The bolts are not as thick or massive as the others, but they are quite strong. In fact, they are that strong that burglars would have a hard time prying it open with a crowbar, and that’s for sure.

Since this thing is made of steel, it is durable. Any machine tool, even, is nothing on this safe. Plus, the bolts themselves would make it entirely impossible to get as well. The door releases quickly as soon as you enter your code so it is possible to make quick drop-offs.

Override keys

This safe has two override keys in case you can’t remember your personal code. That’s two keys for each door, so the total number of keys is four. Having keys is a great thing for buyers, but unfortunately they attract thieves as well. Skilled and trained burglars know that this particular safe has override keys and may threaten you to get it. So the best advice is not to forget your code, and keep that on your mind all the time. Or entrust your override keys to your neighbors, or hide them in the most obscure and inaccessible parts of the house – like a secret hiding place.

The verdict?

The VEVOR Security Safe Box Double Door Digital Safe Repository would have been one big space to stash if it hadn’t got two doors. But the advantage of having two doors means double the security. Overall, youd’d be pleased by the size, considering the price.

But as a budget-priced safe, you cannot expect this to be as sturdy as the higher-priced counterparts. But the good news is that its condition will remain very much the same even as it is smashed quite a bit.

Another downside of this safe is that it is not water- or fire-proof, so it means you can’t keep more sensitive items (such as space storage devices with data in them). If you are living in a place prone to flooding, you might as well invest on a higher-priced one. Also, since this is not fire-proof, you should also be mindful about safety on your household’s gas use.

But good thing about this safe is that it is not easy to pry open because of the bolts and design. Also, the combination system of entry allows for quick in’s and out’s.