TriVision NC-336PW HD 1080P Wireless Camera Review

TriVision NC-336PW HD 1080P Wireless CameraLooking for a good security camera for your home? You may have one, but the high-end ones can set you back at $100-$500. But let’s face it — usually, the more you spend the better the features should be. So you’re going from fixed low definition cameras at around the $100 mark to HD cameras with zoom functions and movement at around the $500 mark.

The TriVision NC-336PW HD 1080P Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera System has a price tag of about $250 so the pricing is considered as mid-range. Should you feel confident with this camera while it does surveillance in your home? Would it be worth your money? Let’s find out:

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  • Zone select motion sensing
  • 85 foot day vision
  • Infrared night vision
  • Easy set-up
  • Mobile recording
  • PoE and Wi-Fi
  • 1080p footage
  • Great design


  • Installation might be a bit too difficult for some
  • Lacks movement


So, the installation possibilities here are excellent but it might be quite difficult to install.

You get some brand new technology here and it’s very impressive. It’s called PoE. But what is PoE? It stands for “Power over Ethernet” and it means you can receive all the data and all the power you need from one cable.

In layman’s terms, that means you can place the camera anywhere you want. It doesn’t even need to be near a power outlet. And, you can switch between Wi-Fi and Ethernet whenever you want. So for example: you’ve having an unstable Wi-Fi and there are times in the day when it goes out. Your home is unprotected during those times right? It’s not, because with this you have Ethernet too. Say there’s someone lurking around your yard and you can’t see their face on the Wi-Fi connection. Switch live to PoE – it’s that quick. You will need a special PoE router to do this though. The router cost is a downer, but this technology really is great and it gives the whole system the reliability as well as enhanced user experience.


After installation, the set up is easy as 1,2,3, and then sync. Everything should be synced together.


The pictures, meanwhile, are a full HD 1080p and they really are something special. So you will be getting images from up to 85 feet away during the day and 50 feet away during the night.

One of the impressive things about these pictures is the night vision. The night vision is very clear and you can make it even clearer with infrared. With the infrared enabled you get up to 15 feet of infrared night vision. Images look very real, and come in true clarity.

While people would have liked the camera to have some movement, its wide angled lens makes up for the inability to shift the camera around.


You can record at any time straight to your home computer or to a NAS drive. In case you don’t know what NAS drive means, it is a Network Attached Storage Device. If you have one you can link it up to your computer or camera system and receive recordings in this manner. You can also record direct to your smartphone, tablet or laptop as well.

There’s a free mobile app for these, but you have to make sure you choose the right one because there’s a different App for iPhone and a different app for Android. There’s an app for Windows too, but it’s different compared the one you’ll use on a Mac.

Once you choose the right app for you, you can view live footage from your devices at any time, day or night. You don’t need to be near the house, in fact you can be at work, school, shopping or visiting family far away.

You can view, record, and take still images. You can even get readings from the motion sensor and if you’re not viewing when something happens, you will receive notification by text.

Motion Sensor

The motion sensor here has “Zone Select.” You may be surprised by this because you usually only see it on higher-priced models.

For instance, you’re going on holiday and someone is coming by each day to feed your Dog. They’ll be setting of the motion sensor right? You don’t wanna get some random notification about this and if you have Zone Select you don’t have to. You know what time they’re coming around. So, you get on your mobile, go to the app, and turn off all zones around the driveway and the door. When the dogs have been fed, turn them back on again. You can turn any zone off or on at any time. If the kids are playing in the yard, turn off the zones they’re in. There are multiple uses for this kind of motion sensor.


The manual movement on the camera is nothing to write home about, but the advanced features make up for that. In the end, you will have to decide for yourselves whether you want to make use of the PoE capabilities. It’s a real downer that you need to buy a special PoE router but you do get amazingly fast data and extra reliability in case you’re having problems with your Wi-Fi connection. The rest of this gadget is excellent: infrared night vision, 85 foot vision during the day, live viewing and recording on your mobile, tablet or laptop. Storage of recordings are on SD Card, Computer or NAS.