NOTE: This information is provided as general advice only. Always check your local laws for the legality of using specific self defense devices.

Taser C2 Black PearlI purchased the TASER C2 and decided to write this TASER review. The TASER cost me around $300 at that time and came with 1 cartridge. I purchased a pack of 2 extra cartridges and took one for a test drive which I will get into further down on the page.

I purchased the black TASER C2 with the red laser option. This is the product that I am writing this TASER review on. I think they all come with the red laser pointer now, but at that time they did not. I also purchased a holster for the TASER that had a magnetic catch. In the first few days of using this holster the TASER hit the ground like 5 times making it very impractical to carry around. The great thing about this holster is the elastic bottom. When the holster was opened the elastic placed pressure on the front of the TASER and helped it eject from the holster. I retired the holster due to the faulty magnetic catch and usually carry it in my coat or pant pocket. A female should be able to fit it in most purses without a problem. Back to the TASER reveiew.

The TASER is very sleek and takes up little space compared to most firearms. When in a pant pocket it is a little bulky, but they have other holsters that I hear work better than the one I purchased. The button to fire is concealed under a thumb slide that is easily opened with you thumb. This slide door has never opened by accident on me so it appears to be very safe.

When I fired the TASER C2 in to my practice target made from cardboard and aluminum foil I was surprised with the results. I knew at that moment I would be writing this TASER review. My target was about 2 feet by 2 feet and I drew a bullseye on it with a sharpie marker. I placed the red dot on the center of the bulls eye and was standing about 10 feet away. I fired a shot and a fairly loud boom followed. Two darts attached to strings shot out and stuck in the target. The first dart hit exactly where I was aiming, but the second dropped down about six inches. After a little searching I found that it is normal for one of the darts to hit lower than the first so aim accordingly. If just one dart misses, you are out of luck. When the darts hit, the aluminum foil lit up with a whole lot of electricity making a small show. I would not want to be shot by a TASER that is for sure.

If you remove the cartridge from the front of the TASER it also can be used as a stun gun. This is a great backup if you miss your first shot or have multiple attackers. I show people the stung gun part on a regular basis and still have not used up the provided battery so I would expect it to last a very long time if not used in this fashion and only for self defense.

I don’t carry my TASER with me as much as I once did. I keep it in my car and take it with me when a situation seems sketchy. Hopefully if I ever need to use it for self defense I have it with me.

TASER states that if you ever need to use the TASER C2 in self defense you should just lay it down and run away. File a police report and TASER will replace you C2 free of charge. I think thats pretty cool. Since the TASER fires for 30 seconds you should have plenty of time to get away before the attacker is able to get up and back after you.

I think the TASER C2 was a good purchase and I would buy it again if I would loose my current one. The product seems very well built and reliable compared to most products that are made now days.

I know TASER has change a lot of things since when I purchased my TASER. You now receive a practice cartridge and they have different packages available.