Schlage Electronic Keyless Door Lock

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Schlage Electronic Key less Door LockSchlage Electronic Key less Door Lock

I purchased the Schlage electronic door lock back in 2009. Since then I have found it an invaluable part of my daily life.

It all started with the loss of keys. Our 10 year old would get home from school before myself and my wife so we provided a key to him to get in the house. In the course of the next year or so we continued to give him key after key as each would miraculously disappear. Enough was enough and I looked for alternatives to keys for him to get in the house.

The Schlage electronic lock had several options. They make an electronic deadbolt and an electronic lever set. I opted for the Schlage electronic lever set for a few reasons.

1. The deadbolt would need to be manually locked and I was afraid the door would not be locked all the time.

2. The lever set would make for easy and fast access to the house in the dark or bad weather.

3. We did not have a pre-drilled deadbolt hole so it was much easier to install the lever set in the hole that was already in the door.

We also found that the lever set had two different operating models. The first was always locked every time you shut the door. The second had a flip on the inside that would allow you to put the lock into what they call passage mode. The lock would allow you to enter without the combination when in that mode. Because everyone in our household was to have the combination and I wanted to be sure the door was always locked, we went with the always locked version of the Schlage electronic lock.

We have had this lock installed on our door for well over 2 years now and are very happy. In fact, we purchased a second for the back door. We have gotten used to not carrying house keys and I find it very convenient.

With this lock you can program your own code to make it easy to remember. If you have an emergency and need to give someone the code to get in, you can simply change it when you get home. This can also work on a key if you care to use it, we don’t.

The lock uses standard batteries that last a very long time. When I last was in changing the code I put a new set of batteries in for good measure.

If you are looking for a reliable, keyless, easy to use lock for your door – this is a great choice.

I think this item ran about $150 and I installed it myself in less than an hour.

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