Sargent Locks

Sargent LocksSargent locks have been around since the mid 1800’s and is one of the oldest US lock companies still in business. Sargent produces commercial grade products for use in retail, industrial and government locations. Recently, Sargent was bought out by the ASSA Abloy company. Sargent has many products ranging from simple lock cylinders to advanced access control and electro-mechanical locks.

If you are in the market for high quality door hardware that will last a very long time, consider Sargent products.

Sargent Cylindrical Lock

Sargent Cylindrical Locks

Sargent makes some of the finest cylindrical locks available on the market today. The Sargent TZONE (11 Line) cylindrical lock set is perhaps one of the best locks available for commercial use. The TZONE is ADA, BHMA Certified, UL Certified, Hurricane Tested and even has a special coating called MicroShield which permanently suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew. Sargent also produces many other cylindrical lock sets with less features such as the grade 2 5500 series economical commercial cylindrical lock set. The cost of this lock is much lower than the TZONE, but it is still a very good lock.

Sargent Lock Cylinder

Sargent Cylinders

Sargent cylinders are available with a variety of security levels ranging from the high security Keso F1 cylinders to the conventional Sargent cylinders. Sargent cylinders are high quality products of solid construction. Sargent produces Rim, Mortise and KIK (Key In Knob) cylinders to match most commercial lock applications. Sargent also produces IC Cores (interchangeable cores) and IC core cylinders to provide even more control over your key system.

Sargent Mortise Lock

Sargent Mortise Locks

Sargent mortise locks are also of great quality. Sargent mortise locks can be found all over the world on government and industrial doors providing reliable security. The Sargent 8200 lever mortise locks is one of the strongest mortise locks made. It has many of the same features of the TZone cylindrical lock set mentioned above. Sargent mortise locks are made to last and would be my first choice if adding mortise locks to my facility.

Sargent Door Closer

Sargent Door Closer

Sargent door closers are a high quality and reliable solution to closing your doors. Sargent door closers are fairly high priced, but you get what you pay for. Sargent makes a closer with a track arm design that is said to have the highest efficiency of any door closer on he market. Sargent makes a large variety of closers including lower priced economy closers.


Sargent Exit Device

Sargent Exit Devices

Sargent exit devices like Sargent locks and just about everything Sargent are made to last. Sargent makes different grade exit devices ranging from light duty to institutional grade high quality emergency egress devices. Some of the Sargent exit devices even have a three point locking mechanism that locks the door at the top, bottom and in the middle offering the most protection available in commercial security.


Sargent Electro-Mechanical

Sargent Electro-Mechanical Locks

Sargent locks makes a variety of electro-mechanical locks including exit devices and cylindrical locks. Perhaps the most versatile is the 80 series exit device which has the ability to detect egress, sound an alarm, send a signal to a remote location, or de-energize an electromagnetic lock. Electro-mechanical devices have a variety of uses in modern commercial buildings and may be just the solution you are looking for.