Professional vs. DIY Home Security Systems

There is one thing in common between the professional and the do-it-yourself (DIY) home security systems: both of them need to be installed. Other than that, professional and DIY home security systems have several differences. It is up to you whether the best home security system for you is professional or DIY.
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Although both the professional and DIY installation provide you peace of mind, the major advantage of a professional home security system installation is total convenience. All you have to do is just to sit back and relax, and leave the professionals do the hardwiring inside your house. It’s up to you to arrange a schedule that will be convenient for you and for the professional installer so that you can be at home while the system is being installed. Many home security companies can come to your home on the same day that you call them, but that depends on where you live.

Of course, you can also benefit from the professional expertise and experience in this type of security system installation. Since these professionals are extensively trained, they will know and make sure that the system is installed properly. If you’re having trouble with the equipment, you’ll never have second doubts about making a call for their help because they know where the problem lies and how to fix it. They will even make suggestions on how to maintain your security system in your home. Plus, you may also receive excellent home security system discounts, but that depends on the company and if they are offering available discounts and incentives.

Although a professional home security system has its advantages, it’s not without setbacks. First of all, it requires a contract. Second, it’s expensive — you have to pay the upfront cost for the installation plus monthly fees to keep the system running. If you fail to pay, your service will be cut off.

Third, the systems are not usually flexible — they are not easily moved or expanded, although the services can be upgraded. Since the installation mostly consists of wires, the burglars can cut the phone lines and cables, rendering the security system useless.
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If you want a home security system but you’re on a budget, a DIY security system may be your best option. You don’t have to pay startup costs and installation, or get charged with monthly fees. All you have to do is to buy a home security system kit — and they come in a wide range of types, brands, and prices that will fit your budget.

The great thing about DIY home security systems is their flexibility. You can add or expand other features, and you can take them with you as you move from one property to another. The system can send you alerts directly to your smartphone via text, an app, or an e-mail depending on your preference making you always connected to the system wherever you are. Companies that offer DIY installations provide some guidance for installing a system. For instance, when you install a DIY home security system from a company such as Vivint or FrontPoint, you call them up and they will help you through the installation process as you go. They will also make sure that you install the system properly and it is also working well.

Plus, installing the DIY home security system is simple, quick, and easy. It also doesn’t require a professional expertise. Most DIY home security systems are wireless, so you don’t need many tools to install them.

The DIY home security system also has some disadvantages. Aside from doing the installation work yourself, you’re not a professional so you are not certain if the system is working properly. While you may speak with a professional over the phone, they cannot come to your home and to actually see the installation. This means they may not be able to provide particular recommendations like the professional installer can when they come to your house. Add-ons can be pretty much expensive as well.


To make sure that a professional or a DIY home security system is for you, it is recommended that you read home security system reviews from customer. It is also fine to compare service packages to decide which of them offers the better deal that will be definitely worth your money and time.