LTD2516HD 960H High Resolution DVR

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LTS LTD2516HD 960H High Resolution DVR

I purchased the LTS LTD2516HD 960H High Resolution DVR about six months ago to replace my existing D1 8 Channel DVR.

I found my D1 DVR was not capable to recording the 700 TVL cameras I recently purchased.  While the DVR would record properly, I would not be able to view the full resolution of the 700 TV lines.  I also maxed out the 8 channels on my old DVR and wanted to add a few cameras.

After connecting the new DVR I immediately was impressed by the picture quality of the 700 line cameras with this system.  This DVR allowed me to view 34% more pixels than the previous unit and it showed.  Faced at the front door and straight lines were much clearer than they previously were.

I also found that the LTD2516HD had much better search features.  The calendar search made it a cinch to find a date and time you are looking for.  After you narrow down a date, when set on motion it will provide a bar graph of each camera that identifies when motion triggered recordings.

Utilizing the motion detection setting allows you to select an area you wish the motion to trigger recordings.  The screen is separated into a grid and you can block out things like blowing trees and flags and other things like highways and clouds to help save hard drive space.  You can also set motion detection sensitivity so it can record on movement as minimal as a mouse or limit it to only larger items like cars.

The LTS LTD2516HD High Resolution DVR allows you to display playback of all 16 channels at the same time.  When following an event across many cameras, this feature is invaluable.  During multi screen playback you can double click on a camera and bring it up to full screen to get a better look.

This DVR can record each channel at a full 30 frames per second which is full motion.  You can select to limit this to less to help reduce space taken up while recording.  The human eye generally will not notice a drop in fps until you get down below 7 fps.

LTS provides free DNS services so I was able to connect this device to the internet and see the cameras live from my android smart phone and any internet capable computer.  The web and phone interface are better than expected and allow me to access nearly every menu and recording remotely.

Overall I found that this DVR provides excellent picture quality for a low cost unit.  This DVR has an easy to use gui interface that make managing menus easy and fast.  I am now a fan of LTS DVRs and will surely purchase their products in the future.