Lesser-Known Home Security Tips

Even though a house is equipped with home security systems, burglars sometimes can still pass through them.  To avoid these incidents, there are some lesser-known ways on how to protect your family as well as your valuables. These methods do not involve moving out of your house and transferring to different place for safety.

Place Your Alarm Keypad in a Secluded Area

The best way to deter potential burglars is by installing a home security system. However, most alarm pads are commonly placed on a home’s entrance such as near the front door or back door. It is convenient for you in arming and disarming your home, but it’s a convenient place for thieves as well. Because of this, burglars know exactly where to look and an observant thief will be able to scope out the place and observe the numbers you enter into the keypad.

Instead of placing your alarm keypad in common places, put it somewhere accessible for you but hard for a thief to view. It should not be visible from the outside of your house. You may keep it tucked away behind a corner, away from all the windows. You can also have multiple keypads and place one in your bedroom so you can act fast in case of a suspected break-in.

Use Dowel Rods

Having a sliding glass door is beautiful as it provides you a great view and it allows natural light to enter your home. However, these kind of door isn’t very secure. A knowledgeable thief has ways on how to get around with a sliding glass door. If it’s not properly installed, the burglar can easily lift the door off the tracks, therefore, it’s important to check the base line security of your sliding door.

One of the best way to secure a sliding glass door is placing a dowel rod on the tracks and lodging it between the door and the wall. This way, even when a burglar manages to unlock the sliding door, it will not slide open because a dowel rod is in the way.

Use a Key Lock Box

Some people keep spare keys in common places like in the mailbox, under a mat, or under a potted plant. But those are not safe places to hide your spare keys. If you want to leave a spare key, you can install a key lock box on your property. One which has a lock combination like the kind realtors use. However, make sure that you’re the only one who knows the code and that no one sees you enter the combination.

Don’t Give Thieves a Place to Hide

It’s also important to keep up with your landscaping to prevent your home in becoming a target. Having overgrown plants on your yard will allow thieves to slip and hide into your yard without you noticing. You can plant thorny shrubs underneath the windows of your bedrooms so no one will be able to climb through them without getting torn up. You can also place smart light around your house to make the surroundings visible to you and to your neighbors as well. Having motion sensor lights can also be helpful in startling thieves with a spotlight.

Don’t Hide Valuables in the Master Bedroom

Master bedrooms are often the target of thieves because most of the valuables are kept in them such as jewelry, money, and credit cards. Thieves will try to enter and exit your house quickly, meaning, they will grab the things which are accessible to them. Therefore, it’s better to keep your valuables in tricky places and place mock valuables in easily visible areas. For example, you should keep your expensive jewelry pieces in a safe and hidden place and leave the fancy ones on display or on top of your drawer.

Don’t Hide Valuables in the Master Bedroom

Keep Your Car Keys with You

Most of the car keys today have panic buttons that’s why it will be helpful to always keep them with you. If you see or sense that there’s a burglar trying to enter your house, just press the panic button to call attention. If your neighbors’ houses are close to yours, you can open your garage door to make them hear your car alarm. Burglars sure do not want to rob a noisy house that can draw unwanted attention.

Delete Your Traces

Thieves often map out their target’s daily routine as well as the time they are out and at home. If you have GPS, set your default home for a gas station or a park near your house instead of your specific address. So if your car gets stolen, or broken into, the thief will not be able to know where your exact house is.  Also, avoid posting pictures on social media showing that you’re out, especially during vacations because it can flag you as an optimal target.

These are just some of the lesser-known home security tips you can practice to stay safe at home. They are very simple and easy to follow but may greatly help you in times of emergencies.