How Do Baldwin and Schlage Locks Compare?

Baldwin vs.Schlage locks, which one is better? That is the question we will tryto answer with different comparisons. Although both companies are two of the best locks manufacturers, it is still important to know how they compare to each other. This way, you can have good and practical security for yourself.

But before we answer the question of “Baldwin vs.Schlage locks,” let’s discuss what you need to look for in a lock.

What to Look For in a Lock?

To say a lock can save your life and your property wouldn’t be an exaggeration. Nowadays, there are many cheap, low-quality locks that six years old with a lock pick can easily pick. So, you need to choose a good lock taking into account the amount of security you need and the price.

When buying a lock, compare your options, figure out which one is the best for you, and then buy it. Make sure it has good enough build quality. One of the best ways to make sure you get a good lock is to choose a reputable brand. Ensure that it is suitable for the type of job you need it for and if it will fit properly where you want to install it.

Don’t buy an overpriced low-quality lock as the price is not always indicative of quality. The lock should have practical security. It should not be easy to pick. A heavier lock usually means better quality. And most importantly, do your research. Don’t go in blind as you might end up with a lock you regret buying later on.

Now let’s compare Baldwin and Schlage.


Baldwin, a company founded in 1946, is a big name in the lock industry, and rightfully so. They provide 24 handsets with 18 different finishes and provide you with customization for their bolt-only and evolved fob.

Their smart lock series are known as Baldwin Evolved, which provides touch to open convenience as well as being accessible with a mobile phone and computer. Bluetooth technology is used by the keys, and you can also issue ekeys or temporary codes to other people to allow them to come and go.

Being powered by kevo technology means that you get powerful digital security that allows you to sync your lock with an existing home security system.

Moreover, you can also operate the lock remotely. In terms of aesthetics, the locks look very elegant and decorative as well as it is made of good quality materials.


Schlage is a well-known and respected company for door locks and is one of the best out there. Schlage provides you with a wide range of advanced technology locks and allows you to choose your preferred aesthetics from the 12 finishes provided by the company.

Their smart locks come with both Bluetooth and their own Schlage connect system. Their locks can easily be integrated with existing home security systems and be automated as you would like them to be. Like Baldwin, Schlage also provides the feature of remote access to your lock.

Schlage is one of those brands that has maintained good quality in the past and maintains it today. Schlage locks tend to be heavier and better constructed compared to companies like Kwikset. If you were to hold one of each in your hands, you could practically feel the difference. The heavier the lock is, the better construction it has and the more metal is used.

Price Comparison

You should take into account the price of a lock when buying it. A cheap lock would usually be being of shoddy quality and would be a hammer stroke away from opening up. Although, as said earlier, price does not always define quality, it is still better to go with a well-known brand.

You might be thinking that you should go with the most expensive product on the market, but it isn’t always feasible to do so. Nor is it advisable to go for low quality just because it is the cheapest. You need to pick a lock that provides enough security so that it fulfills your requirements and a good bargain in price.

Both Baldwin and Schlage locksare of good build quality and provide good security but let’s discuss prices.


Compared to Schlage, Baldwinlocks are more expensive. With their Evolved series coming in at around $300 premium on the traditional Baldwin locks and handle sets, Baldwin is definitely not a cheap company to go for. Moreover, the retail price can be between $700 and $1000, depending on the retailer.



Schlage is a comparatively budget-friendly option among the two (Baldwin and Schlage), providing you with a wider range of prices depending upon your preferences. The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is ranged from $169 to $199, which you can upgrade by adding a Latitude Passage Lever.Moreover, the Schlage Connect can range from $145 to $199 with many possible upgrades. Again, depending on your preferences.

As evident in terms of price,Schlage comes ahead.

Basic Comparison

1. Build Quality

In terms of build quality and security, there seems to be a tie between Baldwin and Schlage. You can also increase both of these brands’ security using high-security cylinders (i.e., MEDECCO, KABA, ASSA) as products from both brands support them.

2. Aesthetics

In terms of aesthetics, Baldwin is a clear winner. This is because theyprovide 22 finishes on their Estate portfolios compared to 12 finishes provided by Schlage. Baldwin also provides finishes with a lifetime warranty.

3. Price

When it comes to price, the clear winner is Schlage, as is explained above. They are the less expensive option without the sacrifice of quality.

4. Durability

In terms of durability, both these options should last you years with minimal maintenance.

5. Features

Schlage offers a wider range of advanced technology and can also provide you with your own in-house Schlage Connect. On the other hand, Baldwin also doesn’t lack in the department of features. It also provides you with a very long list of features that most customers love.

6. Compatibility

Both Baldwin and Schlage can be easily synced with your home security system.

7. Pickablity

Although both brands resist lock picking, you can also buy an aftermarket high-security cylinder to increase the security of the lock.


The choice at the end comes down to your requirements and needs. Each side seems to have its pros and cons. However, this is the basic knowledge about both brands you would need in order to make an educated decision. Both Baldwin and Schlage are respected and high-quality brands on the market, and although not the very best out there, they do provide a good balance of quality and price.

Now it is up to you to decide which one is the most suitable for your unique security requirement. In short, both companies provide excellent features, quality, and aesthetics. The prices of their locks may vary, but if you are in for quality and not price, we can easily say that you can go for either of them and will be satisfied by their performance.