Common Misconceptions about Home Security Systems

Your house is your comfortable haven. It’s more than a building for it is where you and your family live your life together. It’s where you feel most safe because you are with your most loved ones. It’s where you keep your most precious possessions.

All people want to keep their homes secure. If you haven’t installed a home security system yet, you probably have a few reasons why you haven’t, or maybe you already thought of doing so at one time or another, but you are undecided. You may have been falsely informed that you don’t need one. These are the common misconceptions about home security systems you likely encountered but are simply untrue:

“I don’t need a home security system; my neighborhood is safe.”1. “I don’t need a home security system; my neighborhood is safe.”

Burglars and other criminals don’t care if your neighborhood is considered safe. In fact, every place is considered safe until something bad happens. If a burglar would discover that people in your neighborhood feel safe enough to leave your doors and windows unlocked, they could target your homes.

The FBI estimated that one in every six homes in the United States were burglarized last year. If you live in an area away from cities, you may assume that your place is safe but burglars don’t discriminate between locations. Once they see some vulnerability, they may take an opportunity. They know that homes with valuables can be situated in urban, suburban and rural places alike.

Home security systems don’t really deter burglars.2. Home security systems don’t really deter burglars.

Even burglars themselves admit this isn’t true. The last thing they want is to be caught so they don’t want to take more risk than they have to. A recent study by the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology in the University of North Carolina Charlotte found that 60% of burglars admit that the presence of a home security system will cause them to retreat and look for another target instead.

My guard dog can protect my home from burglars.”3. “My guard dog can protect my home from burglars.”

Yes, a barking dog can reduce your risk of being robbed, but it cannot replace a full security system. Dogs can be swayed and distracted with tasty treats, and it can be targeted by an intruder to silence it. Some professional burglars are swift and quiet enough to easily slip into a window, take some items and leave without making enough noise to disturb your pet.

In addition, a dog can’t always differentiate between a threat and familiarity. It may not bark once it recognizes the intruder, for example, someone who had previously done some work in your house, or even a “friend” who came to visit you before. And no matter how smart and observant your dog is, it can’t call the police during an emergency. The best home security systems do not only scare a potential intruder, but can also alert authorities as well.

I only need a home security system if I have lots of expensive stuff.4. I only need a home security system if I have lots of expensive stuff.

Home security is not just about protecting items of high monetary value. While it is true that many thieves would likely target cars, cash, jewelries, or expensive gadgets and appliances, burglars aren’t always after these stuffs. Some are interested in items like passports, checkbooks, credit cards or birth certificates to steal your identity and break into your bank accounts.

Home security is also important for protecting your family. Some intruders who break in homes are not after things, but after people. Protect those who matter most to you with a comprehensive security system solution.

5. Criminals can just cut cables so that my security system won’t work.

This misconception was based on old, outdated security systems. Before, burglars could just cut a telephone line or disconnect the power supply for a home security system to deactivate or disarm it. However, modern systems today use wireless technology, eliminating the need to have a landline before adapting a security system at home. You can install trigger sensors in windows and doors to transmit signals to a control panel using radio waves.

6. Home security systems are too complicated to use and all of them are the same.

Actually, the opposite is true. Home security systems nowadays are easier to use than ever. It’s easily accessible since it can be activated and controlled using a computer or a smartphone. Companies are utilizing simple user interfaces to make them easier to operate, and most systems have graphic touch screen controls with step-by-step instructions.

Home security systems also offer variety. Each security systems company will offer different products, policies and procedures for you to choose from. A security system should be customized to suit the needs of every home since not all homes are designed as the same.

7. Home security systems are expensive.

Most people don’t install security systems because they think they wouldn’t afford it. In reality, the cost of a home security and surveillance systems continue to decrease as it transitioned from hardware to a software approach to equipment, parts, connections, etc. As smart technology advances, components that comprise these systems have become more common and less expensive. Check out some home security system deals and you might be surprised to find out that you can have a complete system with free installation for less than $100, with a comprehensive monthly monitoring that costs only around $1 a day. Many home insurance companies also offer discounts on insurance costs once you install a home security system.

My pets would only create false alarms all the time.8. My pets would only create false alarms all the time.

Most security systems use motion detectors to protect homes. If a pet would move in front of a detector while the system is armed, it can create a false alarm. But once you inform professional home security system installers that you have pets, they could organize a set-up in a way that pets could not trip on them. You can also request for a pet-immune motion detector system that would prevent a pet weighing between 60 to 80 pounds from tripping on the detector.

Providing your family with the safety they need is of utmost importance in every home. By installing a home security system perfect for your house, you can ensure better protection not only from criminals but also from disasters like fires. Make the right choice by reading home security system reviews and considering the top rated home security systems available in the market today.