BEST Lock Company

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BEST lock company is one of the most well known provider of commercial lock hardware and cylinders. BEST was founded as BEST universal Lock Company by Frank E. Best in 1925. Since then BEST has changed names a few times and now is part of Stanley Security Solutions under the name BEST Access Systems. BEST lock company is known for it’s IC (Interchangeable Cores) which were first invented and patented by Frank Best.

BEST Small Formate Interchangeabe Cores are one of the most common seen manufacturers of interchangeable cores in the world. These cores allow a business to quickly and eaisly change their own locks without the assistance of a locksmith by simply using a special key to remove the core. A new core with a new core key and new operation keys can be installed in seconds. BEST lock company sells several products that work with their interchangeable core system including mortise locks, cylinders, padlocks, cabinet locks and even electronic access control door locks.

Best Small Format Interchangeable Core (IC Core)

BEST Lock Company – Interchangeable Cores (IC Cores)

BEST’s small format ic cores are a rather simple concept that provides many options to the end user. These cores can be installed into many different types of locks produced by BEST. The cores can be masterkeyed to provide different levels for access by different people.

Here is an example of a basic master key system. You can have many levels when masterkeyed, but a basic system usually consists of a master key and a few “change keys”. The master key will open every lock in the building. The change keys will only operate some locks depending on which cores were pinned to that key. This allows a business owner or manager to have access to everything while allowing individual employees to only access the front door and their individual office.

When applied to IC cores, the business owner or manager can have an extra set of cores for emergency use. When an employee is fired or quites the front door core can be removed and a new pre-keyed core can be installed preventing access by that employee. The core that was pulled can be taken to a locksmith and rekeyed for future use. To save yourself time and hassle, it’s a good idea to look up a reputable locksmith Las Vegas ahead of time, so you know who to call when the time comes.

Best Mortise Cylinder

BEST Lock Company – Lock Cylinders

BEST produces lock cylinders to work with standard commercial doors. These cylinders can replace the original cylinders and allow the BEST IC core system to operate where the previous cylinder once did. BEST produces both mortise cylinders and rim cylinders to cover the majority of commercial lock needs. With the addition of best cylindrical locks, padlocks and cabinet locks you can utilize the interchangable core system in nearly every lock.


Best Lever

BEST Lock Company – Cylindrical Locks

BEST’s cylindrical locks can be used to replace your current locks on office doors and many other locations on commercial and residental doors. These locks work the same as a standard house knob or lever, but they are designed to accept the best small format IC core. BEST also makes a deadbolt that accepts their IC cores.


Best Mortise Lock

BEST Mortise Locks

Mortise locks have been around for many years and there are several major manufacturers of this type of lock. Commercial grade mortise locks are usually only used in doors designed to accept the footprint of a mortise lock. This type of lock is very durable and will last many years in a commercial environment.

A BEST IC mortise cylinder can be used in nearly all commercial mortise locks and are commonly paired with best mortise locks. When purchaseing a best mortise lock you have many choices for design of the levers and rose trim plate. You can find this sort of lock in many government and institutional locations around the world.

Best Padlock

BEST Lock Company – Padlocks 

BEST padlocks are a high quality product that allow you to expand your IC core system to protect gates and other locations secured by a padlock. Best produces several types of padlock including a variety of sizes and shackel types. BEST even makes a padlock that utilzes a cable as a shackel allwoing you to secure around oddly shaped objects.


Best EZ Electronic Door Lock

BEST Electronic Locks

BEST makes some of the finest electronic access control locks on the planet. Of course these locks also have a “back up” key that utilizes the BEST IC Core system. Some of these locks are designed to work with pre-programmed ID cards and a keypad while others only have a keypad to allow access. The most basic version allows up to 50 users access while the versions with card access can allow up to 5,000 users access to the same location.