ANNKE 4CH 720P Security DVR Home Surveillance System Review

ANNKE Security Cameras System Smart HDThe ANNKE 4ch Surveillance Camera System 1080N was designed to be a good alternative option for people who want video surveillance but can’t afford those high-end security cameras. When it was first launched, it was priced at around $250 and the price has reduced further over the last few months to around $200. It used to be that for this kind of money you wouldn’t get much, but these days the market is full up with low-priced camera systems all vying for customers’ attention. So what does this particular one offer you? Is it better than the rest? What are the hidden flaws the manufacturer doesn’t want you to know about?

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  • DVR Recorder
  • NVR (Network Video Recorder)
  • 4 Dome Camera’s
  • Free App
  • Record to Flash Drive or SD
  • View live footage from your phone
  • Encrypted Network
  • Easy Set-up


  • Installation could be tough and complicated to some

Set-up and installation

Since the ANNKE has a lot of stuff, its installation is not exactly an easy thing to do.

Despite claims on ANNKE’s own website that the installation is easy, this is a cabled system so it all comes down to how much you can do. Rolling out a cable, climbing a step ladder and hooking a camera up on the wall outside — those are already tricky enough. And if you want some of these cameras outside and you can’t do that, then you will call in a professional to do it for you.

So as you can see, the camera installation are not as easy for everyone as ANNKE made it out to be. After that the set-up is pretty easy. The four cameras should sync together quickly with the DVR and you’re good to go.

DVR recorder

ANNKE’s DVR recorder doesn’t contain a hard drive, but it does double as a Network Video Recorder (NVR). So you can record to a flash drive or an SD card. You can also record to DVD if you like. The recorder’s lack of hard drive could have been a problem but it makes up for it with these added capabilities on the DVR recorder.


The best thing about this ANNKE are the pictures. These pics are something special. You’d expect to be paying a lot more than this to get 720p pictures. Here’s the really neat part though.

You can scan in your other devices. For instance: you have a phone, a laptop and a tablet. You want to view live images while you’re at work or out shopping or where ever you are. You scan in the bar codes all these devices come with. Scan those in and the DVR will remember them.

Because this DVR also functions as an NVR, they become part of your network. So you’re now logged in and whenever you view on your scanned in devices, no matter where you are, you’re encrypted. Nobody is going to be able to hack you. Nobody without your password will be able to view. You’re now safely able go to the app to view images live of your house while you’re many miles away. Anyone else thinks that’s cool? When you’re viewing live you can take photos as well.

Dome cameras

ANNKE has four dome cameras which can be placed inside and outside of your house. They’re all-weather cameras. Because of the domed shape and design they don’t get too dirty and they’re also very reliable.

You don’t get too much movement here and not much zoom but the cameras can see up to 100 feet into the distance. They also have great night vision with the LED lights they use. So, viewing images at any time of the day won’t be a problem.


All in all, the ANNKE 4ch Surveillance Camera System 1080N is a simple system. It basically consists of four cameras and a DVR. That’s it. While it doesn’t ultimately solve all your home security needs on its own, it will take care of all surveillance. So you’ll still feel good when you have this system at home.

It has a great value, and the user experience is ramped up to the top level with live viewing on your mobile devices. View at any time night or day whether you are home or away from home. Take pictures of live footage on your phone. Monitor your home across four separate cameras.

Now that’s what you call surveillance. If you bought an alarm to go with this, then you’d have a complete security system. Notification through the alarms text to your phone and mobile video footage so you can check out what’s going on that second at your home. As a part of an existing security system, ANNKE 4ch Surveillance Camera System 1080N is highly recommended.