Female Self Defense Products, Techniques and Know How

NOTE: This information is provided as general advice only. We highly recommend formal self defense training.

Female Self DefenseFemale self defense does not just include kicking, punching or using a weapon to defend yourself. It is a whole state of mind and knowing what to do in dangerous situations.

Not sure what self defense is – visit what is self defense for more info.

Did you know that a woman is two-thirds as likely as men to be victims of violence and they are more likely to be victimized by someone they know than a stranger.

If that’s not an eye opener, I don’t know what is.

The US Department of Justice found that approximately 20 million out of 112 million women (18%) in the United States have ever been raped.

Are you safe? In Your Home? At work? In your car?

Back in 1994 there was 1 rape for every 270 women, 1 robbery for every 240 women, 1 assault for every 29 woman and 1 female homicide victim for approximately every 23,000 women age 12 or older. These statistics are nearly 15 years old, but crime has not changed very much since then. Fortunately violent crimes have actually dropped in recent years so there is hope for the future.

The best first defense when in a physical attack situation is to run, hide and scream. When you run, run towards people, buildings or any other place that screams may be heard. If all else fails you must defend yourself and inflict as much pain as possible to get out of the potentially deadly situation. There are even things you can do to help you stand a chance during a carjacking.

Rape is one of the biggest threats to a woman. Below are some tips that may help you prevent a rape or help you escape from one.

1. Create a loud noise – Carry a whistle, personal alarm or scream “police” to attract attention.
2. Run & Get Away – Only run if there is somewhere safe to run to. If there is no safe place to run you may just aggravate an assailant.
3. Stall – Speak calmly and rationally. Do your best not to cry, plead or show you’re scared, this may be exactly the reaction a rapist is going for.
4. Vomit or Urinate – anything you can do to repulse an assailant may help. Telling him you have AIDS or another STD may also be effective.
5. Fight Back – Women who fight back quickly and resist attacks are less likely to be raped, than a passive woman who does nothing. The most effective time to fight back and react is in the first 20 seconds of an attack. During times such as these the body will release adrenalin and other chemicals into the blood that will help you put up a good fight. If the assailant has a weapon, be extra cautious.
6. Stay alert – Do your best to pay attention to every detail possible although it will be difficult. This may help you identify an assailant.
7. Get help ASAP – Call 9-1-1. Police are much more willing to help then they were years ago. You will not be obligated to press charges or go to court.
8. Save the evidence – Don’t shower, bath or douche. If you change your clothes, be sure to put the clothes you were raped in into a bag and seal it.
9. Tell somebody – Call rape crisis counselor, the police a telephone operator or a friend. It is very important that you don’t keep this a secret and let someone know what happened.

Implementing some basic female self defense pressure points and other womens self defense tips and techniques will give you the knowledge to help protect yourself from attacks. Female self defense attack points such as the knee, groin, neck, and eyes will provide great targets if you are in an attack situation that you can not run from.

Protect Yourself

Carrying a womens self defense product such as pepper spray, stun gun or even a kubaton may give you the extra security needed to ward off attackers. A quick stun or spray in the face with red pepper self defense sprays will quickly stop most opponents.

If you are under the age of 18 or a parent looking to protect a child, you may be limited in how you can protect or your child can protect themselves. Many female self defense devices can be illegal for a child. Taking the steps to properly protect a child could include many options, I suggest visiting our page youth self defense.

With the introduction of the internet you now need to defend yourself physically and in cyber space. Taking steps to keep your personal information safe and your identity and location secret can be found at our page online self defense.

Staying calm, being prepared and thinking in these horrible situation could mean the difference between life and death. There is no easy fix for every situation, but knowledge is power and being prepared will get you one step ahead of potential attackers. Using female self defense techniques and products is the first step to remaining safe and secure, whatever the situation.