Why You Need a Home Security System?

There are many various reasons why you need a home security system, especially in today’s age where crime rates are growing across cities. Although it is practical to keep a self-defense tool like a swiss army knife, for instance, security systems are most likely the right tool to help keep your home’s safety than defending yourself first-hand against burglars. It is also a way to secure not only your family and your loved ones but also to protect your things from burglars. Despite this alarming rate, many people still ignore or overlook the need to take proper security measures in their homes. 

Moreover, theft or burglary can lead to devastating consequences both financially and emotionally. Although financial loss is recoverable, the trauma that has been inflicted in the family can last forever. With that, it is worth considering whether to plan an action beforehand or suffer the consequences after. Below are the main reasons why you need to have a home security system:

Helps to Deter Burglars: According to the FBI, there has been an approximate number of eight million crimes that happened in 2012. Out of this number, 23% were burglaries, with an estimated $15 billion loss of worth. While swiss knives could probably protect you, home security and alarm systems could help deter burglars from entering homes with such a system. The reality is, if one has valuable possessions and a high-profile job, you may be more vulnerable to the case of burglary than you could think.

Also, it is essential to note that no matter how good a burglar is in what they are doing, they generally do not break into a house that is protected by a security system. Amateur burglars may try and break into a home with security, but they will soon flee from the scene when the security alarm is triggered. 

Protects Your Homes during Daytime: You may assume that break-ins take place only during at night, but more than 80% of break-ins happen during the day. Usually, it is the time when one leaves for work and while the kids were at school. It is important to note that the burglars could gauge whenever it would be ideal for them to break-in regardless if it is night or day. As well as that, researchers also found out that the majority of home robberies happened during the hours of 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. 

Protects Your Homes during Night time, too: Although some cases of theft happen in the morning, some burglars take chances during the night. They may attack your homes while everyone is sleep. However, if your home is under a constant and reliable security system, one can sleep easily without worrying too much about burglars. 

Saves You and Your Homes from Everything Else: Some of the top-line security systems could also help you monitor fire temperature, gas leak, smokes, or water damages. 

A Chance to Reduce Premiums: Most of the insurance companies offer lower premiums for those people who have security at their homes or property. Insurance companies are most likely to reward you with low premiums if they see that you are taking steps to keep your home safe. 


Choosing the Right Security System

Aside from knowing why every home needs a security system, it is also essential to know how to choose the right system fit for your home. As a matter of act, choosing a security system can be the challenging part of the whole process since there were lots of companies out there offering services. With that, it is advised to go to a firm that is ranked among the best and has a well-organized system. 

Some cities have a few security companies that are notable for providing professional services. For instance, there are top 77 companies in Houston that offer home security systems. Meanwhile, there are 61 in Orlando, 16 in Tulsa, and 39 companies in Sacramento. Since there were lots to choose from, it is crucial to do your research first or ask your friends or family before making a final decision.