Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX Biometic Safe Fingerprint Safe Article

Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX Large Biometric Safe

Anyone needs a good safe, but buying one is a difficult job. It’s not just some box with a door and a lock. There are other factors to consider, such as looking at the material that each safe was built with. You also have to consider the temperatures that it can withstand, especially if you live near forests where wildfires sometimes happen. Or, if you live in a flood-prone area, you have to check if the safe is water-proof. If you want to store sensitive items such as media storage devices, you have to find a safe that will help maintain the integrity of the data stored in these devices. Or if you’re living in an area with a fairly high crime rate, you have to find a safe that is burglar-proof.

You have to look at other things such as, of course, the size and safe. What’s it made out of? How many locks does it have? Do you need a safe with the usual dial combination or fingerprint?

Remember, no single safe is right for everybody, so you have to first consider your specifications and your needs in order to buy a safe that is right for you. Questions such as “what are the things that am I going to store?”, “what kind of protection do I want?” and “how do I want the safe to open?” are the key for the perfect safe for you.

This article is taking a look at the Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX Biometric Safe Fingerprint Safe. It was much touted upon release, but did it match those expectations? When you think of Vikings, you think strong and formidable. So was it? Scroll down to find out.


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  • Great steel build
  • Excellent welding
  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Two override keys
  • Very strong
  • Will store almost anything


  • The beeping sound may be annoying

What kind of stuff can I store in the Viking security safe?

You can store virtually everything in this safe. BUT… there’s the big one but… you should know that it’s not a fire-proof safe because it will withstand temperatures of only up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. So if you want a fire-resistant safe you might want to look elsewhere.

The measurements are 19.69 inches of height, by 13.78 inches of width by 12.21 inches of depth so it would make an excellent gun safe. You could also store important paperwork and documents, cash, jewelry — items that really matter to you.

Looking at the size, the Viking Security Safe is pretty large for the price so you will definitely get value for money. Now this last point is important because they’ve cut it a little thin on temperature. As said before, this safe will withstand temperatures only up to 122 Fahrenheit. So if you live in areas with high summers, this safe is not recommended for you.

Structure and build

The Viking Security Safe has a very good build. It’s laser-cut steel welded together to make one complete unit. So this is a very strong safe — you could this from about ten floors and it wouldn’t break. The welding is good and solid — it is coated with black powder so aside making the safe even stronger, the welding makes the safe looking good too, so it’s plus point.

Locking system

They’ve gone for the safe option here. No pun intended. It has the motorized deadbolt lock, and its biggest advantage is that there’s no spring inside, so the lock is turned by a key. This makes drilling into or banging open next to impossible.

The safe also has two override keys, but you won’t be probably using them because of the motorized deadbolt, which is a modern deadbolt indeed. You use your fingerprint, and once the system recognizes your own unique fingerprint it will open the lock. In case you can’t use your finger due to injury (for instance), then you’ll still be able to open the safe with one of your other fingers. so make sure you do what the manual tells you and give the system prints of all your fingers in different positions. Print recognition seems to be pretty fast and most times it’ll open after just one attempt.

The safe can store up to 32 fingerprints on the system and it will recognize fingerprints from your spouse or maybe some of your older kids.

The beeping sound

They have included a security system that’ll beep when you leave the door open.

It;s good because it means you’ll never leave the house with the safe open. Problem is that it starts beeping after only 1 minute. So you could be in the safe for one minute and it’ll start beeping at you. Slightly annoying.

They could have given you five minutes. There’s no way to change it so it will keep on doing that if you’re in your safe for longer than a minute.


The Viking Security Safe has a really great build. It’s made out of quality laser-cut steel and the welding is quite good with the black powder finish.

But this safe won’t do well in very hot climates because it will only withstand temperatures of 122 degrees Fahrenheit and under. The black powder finish makes it look expensive (but without being actually expensive) and the size is good. So it’s value for your money. The motorized deadbolt lock is an excellent addition because they add extra protection to the safe; since it has no spring, it can’t be drilled through and can’t be whacked open that easily either.

The fingerprint recognition is fast. It stores up to 32 fingerprints and it can allow access to more than one person.