Smart Home Lighting Can Be a Key to Home Security

Futuristic homes are getting smarter. The security system of smart homes now ranges from energy management, motion detection, video analytics, interconnectivity, remote monitoring, customization, increased safety, wellness, appliance safety, and even leak detection and flood sensors, as cited by General Security.

Family look at their home as their most valuable possession. Thus, they work hard to provide capabilities and security features to protect their loved ones and properties inside.

Homeowners have upgraded the security systems in their homes. They also use smart lighting to secure their homes better, aside from having smart locks, smart cameras, smoke alarms, smart doorbells, and smart thermostats.

The smart home switches incorporated in the home security systems are one of the cool, most effortless, and promising ways of automating the lighting technology of your home.

While this system is technologically advanced, homeowners should not feel intimated about its installation and application.

Smart home lighting is easy to install and will surely brighten your home with the command from your mobile phone application.


You can virtually have different lighting scenes in your homes according to your mood during the mornings and evenings. At the same time, smart lighting can provide security features with just one press from your mobile phone.

Having smart lighting contributes to the overall security and convenience in your home. These LED lightbulbs, which are enabled by a wifi signal or connection, can be operated manually or on a scheduled basis.

Plus, you can do this anywhere you are!

Philips Hue and Belkin’s WeMo are two of the most popular choices for smart lighting. You can buy the bulbs either in a starter kit or individually.

Telus, a global provider of communications and information technology, said that picking LED bulbs is an advantage because it lasts much longer than other bulbs.

You can also consider using your smart home lighting to keep you and your contractors safe during home renovation projects.


What smart lighting can do to do your home 

Deter burglars

Having a smart lighting system can help homeowners from the attack of burglars. The installation of the smart lighting allows your home to look occupied even though you are somewhere outside having a trip or a vacation. With remote control, you can adjust the lighting system according to your daily routine when you are at home.

Your smart lighting can do much, even in the random setting of your home’s lighting features. For example, you can switch on the front porch lights using motion sensors. This way, it can be used as security lighting.

Save energy

The use of LED bulbs consumes less energy compared to incandescent bulbs. The energy consumption can also become lesser if you have them in dimmer switches. Using LED lights is not a complicated thing to do. More, it gives you a fair advantage in terms of energy cost.

Scare unwelcome visitors

Whether animals or trespassers, the smart home lighting can be used to scare unwelcome guests. With the lights suddenly snapping out at your home upon detecting their unwelcome presence, this will naturally scare them.

Aesthetic appeal

The use of smart lighting will bring more illumination to your home. You can get the aesthetic value of its usage, especially when you adjust the setting to match its overall look, whether inside or outside.

Health benefits

The smart lighting system is designed to bring health benefits to homeowners. The light bulbs can adjust their light from sunrise to sunset, making you feel relaxed as its illumination follows your mood.

Our brain is sensitive to light. When the light is dimmer, it signals us to go to bed. When the sun is up, and everything around you lightens up, it signals us to wake up. Smart lights can help us control or adjust our biological clockwork. As the evening progresses, your smart light bulbs will also dim slowly, giving you a pleasant time to sleep.


The smart home lighting can automatically determine if you forget to turn it off. When you rush outside, it can also be programmed at a specific time of the day, so it will switch off automatically if you happen to forget it.

Bring fun

Smart lighting can bring entertainment to what you are doing inside your home. If you are watching a movie, you can program the light to dim. If you are having party-time, you can also adjust the lighting system to go with the beat of your music.

Remote Access

You will certainly have peace of mind when your home lighting system can pick up your movement from remote access. If you are in a hurry as you pull into the driveway, the lighting system will turn on to brighten the area as you disembark from your vehicle.

Adds personality

Lisa Montgomery, of the Electronic House, said that smart lighting could enhance the overall appeal of your home. Indeed, like when your room glows with new paints, the smart lighting can also ring a dramatic appearance to your home.