DEFEWAY 8CH 1080N Security DVR

Would you believe that there’s a security system on the market with eight cameras and motion detection for under $160? It sounds like a joke, right? But this is real, folks. And here it is.

The DEFEWAY 8CH 1080N Security DVR’s, falls on that price range, so this article takes a closer look at it/ and took a real close look. We’re telling you right away — with this price, there is catch or two, and it’s not going to be right for everyone. But, home security is like love. There’s one special thing out there for everyone and this might be yours.

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  • 1080N recording
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Easy set-up
  • Infrared night vision
  • 80 feet vision
  • Windows compatible
  • Nice images
  • Affordable price


  • No hard drive


The set-up is pretty standard. You roll out the wires to wherever you want them. They go up to 60 feet away from the DVR.

Once you’ve hooked your cameras up and they’re attached to the DVR, then you’re good to go. You’ll need to go onto the app and register there. But you can do that while the system is recognizing your cameras. The whole set-up takes about 15 minutes.

Image quality

So you’ve heard about the classic over-sell right? It’s when a manufacture makes a claim that is more than a large exaggeration. It happens a lot. Many people are exposed a few massive over-sells on this site. But, some of you might not have heard of the under-sell.

It’s a very rare thing and it’s when a manufacturer makes a claim that leads you to believe the product is not as good as it actually is. Well, courtesy of DEFEWAY, and whoever they get to write their product descriptions, today this is a case of under-selling. They’ve advertised this at 720p (720px960p) but it’s better than that.

It also records and shows live images in 1080N. 1080N is a 944px1080p resolution so it’s better than 720p and you can change to this option by switching the connection. You’ll get a bunch of connection options on screen, so all ya’ll need to do is go to 1080N. You’ll get beautiful detailed images that go far beyond 720p so that you can perfectly capture everything going on around your home. 720p was pretty good at the price to start out, but 1080N is downright outrageously good value producing excellent pictures.

Hard drive

Here’s the catch: there is no Hard Drive. You’re going to have to go out and buy one before you can start recording and storing pictures. This is something inconvenient, but then, look at the price. Leave out the fact that once you buy a hard drive you’ve driven the price up to 210 bucks. That’s still good value for a system like this.

For most people, they want a complete home security system and this is not complete.

So while the value for money is still there with this, do you want to take the time to make another purchase? If not move on. If you don’t mind spending the extra time looking for a hard drive to go with this then it’s a worthwhile and excellent purchase.


This system has eight cameras here and they come with 80 feet of night vision. That’s 15 feet higher than the market average between $200-$300 of 65 feet.

It’s great night vision too because it comes on automatically and it’s infrared. Infrared is altogether more clear because of the brightness it can achieve. So if you like to have a visual grid far into the distance that is clear, then this is for you.

A problem avoided

The camera’s only have angles of 70 degrees meaning you don’t get those huge wide shots you find on some other systems. Including eight cameras instead of the usual four on systems around this price, allowed DEFEWAY to rid users of any problems with the angle. With four cameras there would have been gaps and blind-spots.

There aren’t with eight cameras so you’re completely covered and there’s some sensitive motion detection on each Cam also.

Mobile connectivity

Good news and bad news here. This is not compatible with the Mac. But, you can connect this device to Android and iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone and any tablet for remote viewing. So you could be away from home one day and want to know what’s going on in your home.

Go online to the app, type in your password and view any one of the eight cameras. You can view live and record, without being in the home. It will support Windows and there’s also a USB connection for a flash drive. Sorry to say, but Mac users should stop reading now. Overall, the mobile connectivity is quite satisfying.


It’s not the most advanced system out there but the price is also very low. Even after you include the amount you’ll need to pay for the hard drive, it still represents affordability. Despite the manufacturers mystifying attempts to persuade buyers that they only get 720p images, you will definitely get much more than that. 1080N produces wonderfully detailed images and you can really tell the difference between it and 720p. You will also love the 80 feet of vision and that the night vision turns on automatically.

Nobody likes to have to go online to switch it on every night. Ultimately, if you’re on a budget then you could easily fall in in love with this because while it’s not perfect, it is good.