Best Rifle Safe For Hunters

Everybody who loves to go hunting need a good gun (or specifically, rifle) safe because they tend to have lots of rifles. The thing about rifles is that they’re long and thin, you can’t put them in drawers or locks. That’s why they buy safes specifically made for rifles.

There’s a lot of pretender “rifle safes, but the true king is the BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Safe.

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  • Strong steel
  • American made
  • Lots of room
  • Silent opening mode
  • CA DOJ approved
  • Biometric
  • 120 fingerprint memory


  • Foam on the side of the wall is rather flimsy

What does “CA DOJ Approved” mean?

BARSKA makes its products from raw materials that are sourced locally. It employs Americans to make American stuff for the American people. BARSKA does all this in Pomona California and generally customers like what they make. But the company wasn’t content with that.

So this time they went out and got approval from the California Department of Justice.

All guns sold in California have to be approved by the DOJ, but gun safes don’t need to be. So the fact that they got this approval anyway shows that this is a well-built product. And take note, the approval isn’t just given to any safe.

How big is it?

This safe measures 52.2 inches of height by 9.8 inches of width by 8.7 inches of depth. You don’t have to measure your guns. Any serious hunter will know that most rifles will fit into this safe.

Unless you own an unusually long rifle, like one of historical value or that has a PS90 barrel, then yours will fit into this.

The capacity is large enough for four rifles and there’s a nice removable barrel holder to keep them lined up ready for you. A large number of handguns can be stored in the top, and as much ammo as you can get inside the unit.

Is it really quality steel?

The more important thing to look at is the weight. The weight of a safe tends to cut through the lies manufacturers tell us. Good steel is heavy steel. This thing is a massive 65 pounds. It’s thick steel, it’s durable steel and it’s strong steel.

Customers may have some issues with the foam on the inside wall to protect Guns being pulled out. It looks cheap and it comes straight off. My advice is to pull it off right away, because it serves no real purpose.

How do I get in?

Well, this is a biometric safe so you scan your fingerprint. People like these features because when you’re being burgled, you get up in the middle of the night and the last thing you want to be doing is putting in a code.

It takes time and what if you don’t remember the code?

With this biometric safe you just walk up to it, press the button directly beside the glass, place your finger down on the glass and you’ll see a green light to the left flash on. Then you hear a beep and the safe opens. Simple as that and you’re inside in less than 10 seconds.


A great inclusion is the Silent Mode. You can turn off the beeping sound the safe makes when you open it. This is important because if you are being burgled then you don’t want the home invaders to hear that you accessed your guns. Put on Silent Mode and it doesn’t make a sound. You’ll have the element of surprise.

What memory does it have?

You can store up to 120 fingerprints on this safe. it would be good to take the prints of every finger you have. and then go back and do each one five times. Here’s how you can register a fingerprint into the memory.

It’s very simple and it’s part of the reason why many people choose this rifle safe.

First, press the button on the top left of your silver biometric scanner. Then place your finger on the glass and wait for the beep sound. You’re done.

Three handgun holders

As well the storing Handguns on the shelf at the top, ya’ll can also use the 3 Handgun holders they provided. These are located on the inside of the door and the great thing about them is that they also hold hunting knives.Is this thing built for hunters or what?

How secure is it?

Nobody will be able to bash this in. As a mentioned before, this is 65 pounds of pure Steel so they’d need to be built like a wrestler. They’d also need to have a very big Bat.

Due to the design you might be able to get a crowbar in but the hinges are also made of strong Steel so prying would be next to impossible.

I can’t see any luck in dropping this Safe from a height and since you can mount it to a wall, thieves couldn’t take it with them.


The verdict is that this is a great safe for hunters. It will fit four rifles inside as well as handguns on the top shelf and in the side holders. Good capacity and a good build. It’s got a great memory and while the foam on the inside is cheap looking, that is a minor issue. Especially when you have this amount of space combined with the silent opening option for added security during a break-in. The “Silent” mode is rather something special.

You want the element of surprise during a burglary and you got it.

The fact that this is also DOJ-approved is a big deal too. This means it’s been sent off to the California Department of Justice and they put a seal of approval. So don’t take the manufacturer’s word. The California Department of Justice itself has said that this is one excellent safe.