Best No Clutter Security System for Students

When people go off to college they often live in small apartments with other students, or in dorms. So how do you stop someone going in your room when you’re not in? How do you keep your stuff safe? Lots of students are starting to buy security systems and they want three things:

1. Something small because they don’t have lots of space

2. Good motion detection that will give them updates if something happens

3. Cheap because they don’t have much money

After looking all of the security systems available we think we have found the one that is the best for students. It’s the UOKOO 360 Degree Fisheye Panoramic Network Wireless Camera.

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  • 1280×1024 native resolution
  • Records to SD card
  • Great motion detection
  • Photo notifications
  • Easy set-up
  • Night vision


  • No hard drive


This is a Wi-Fi security system so the set up is quite easy. You want to place the unit down on a flat surface. Then, you go online to the app where you’ll follow a few instructions to get registered.

By this time your computer should have recognized the security system and you’ll be up and running within 15 minutes.

If you have 5G-supported mobile device, you’ll have a hard time setting the system up because this unit doesn’t support it. For 3G and 4G users the set-up as simple as described.


Students have different sized rooms. At a dorm there might be two or more people you’re sharing a room with so it might be a large room. Some might have small single room. At apartments rooms can range in size too. So this system will be able to cover all types of rooms.

The UOKOO has a 360 degree Panoramic View Angle so the area of vision is incredibly wide and some of you might need that. That also means no blind spots. So no sneaky roommate getting around your camera. This camera has a 1280×1024 native resolution and this is the resolution they used to use on monitors. It’s something like 720p and the pictures are really good. Everything seems crisp and clear and there isn’t a point where you can’t make out even the smallest of details

Motion detector

This unit has a passive detector on it and this means it doesn’t sense body heat. Instead it’ll detect movement and when there is movement you’ll get a notification. These passive detectors often suffer from false alarms because they can’t tell the difference between something living and an object.

So, you might get a notification when books fall and when someone knocks on the door harshly.

But the notifications come with photos so you’ll know immediately whether it’s something to be concerned about. Since you get the photos you wouldn’t consider the false alarms to be a problem and you’ll be glad it’s so sensitive. Nothing will be missed.

The app

If you are out and away from your dorm or shared accommodation and you want peace of mind you can check the app from anywhere. In the app you can view live footage from your room.

You can also speak to your room live. If you have roommates you could say hello, and if you are being stolen from you can let the thief know you’ve called the police. Not only can you speak to anyone in the room, but anyone in the room can also speak to you. You could have a conversation while you’re out and about.


This system doesn’t have a hard drive but keep in mind that it is only around $70 so you can add one if you like. You can also record straight out of the box on an SD Card.

Use your computer to watch what happened during the day or use your phone.

Night Vision

The night vision flips on automatically when the lights go out.

They could have added range to it but that would have ramped up the price.

Instead they’ve given you 16 feet of night vision and that’s perfect for a student’s bedroom.

Final Thoughts

The UOKOO 360 Degree Fisheye Panoramic Network Wireless Camera is not really recommend for large houses, but for students living in dorms or shared accommodation this is perfect. With the 360 panoramic view it’ll cover the whole living space without any blind spots. It would take an area beyond 20 feet before you have any problem with coverage. The picture looks good too.1280×1024 is a same as 720p when it comes to picture quality so everything is clear and crisp. The night vision could have had more range but students don’t really need more than 16 feet of night vision.