Apps to Monitor Your Child’s Device

As a parent, you’d always want to secure your child’s protection. One of the most challenging things to safeguard your kid from is the dangers of technology and the Internet, like addiction, cyberbullying, and offensive images and messages. Fortunately, many apps are now available to help you monitor your child’s devices and mobile activity. While educating your child about gadgets and internet use is still the best way to go, these apps are a complementary parental solution, easing some of your worries about your child’s safety.


NetNanny is one the best and most famous parental control apps for a lot of good reasons. First, it allows you to monitor your kid’s digital habits by providing an overview of his or her Internet usage and browsing history. Second, you can manage their screen time by setting up limits or curfews to avoid immoderate gadgets and Internet use. Excessive screen time can lead to numerous problems, such as obesity due to inactivity, psychological issues, and eating, sleeping, and attention disorders. Lastly, NetNanny offers excellent web-filtering technology, which allows you to block apps and websites to keep your kid’s browsing safe all the time.


Dubbed as the “all-in-one worry-free” parenting app, MamaBear can undoubtedly give you peace of mind when it comes to protecting your children and family. This app has so many features, such as observing and setting permissions on children’s activities, location tracking, and social media monitoring. The latter is its best feature, as you can quickly see your kid’s social media activity with the app alerting you if he or she has new check-ins, tags, or photos. You can also safeguard your child’s from cyberbullying by completing the “restricted words” list. MamaBear will alert you if any of those words get posted on your kid’s profile.


Just like how your adorable dog barks at intruders and protects your app, the Bark app is here to do the same but against digital dangers. By boasting features like social media monitoring, text and email monitoring, web-content filtering, and a screen time management system, you can quickly set healthy restrictions on how your kid uses his or her devices. Don’t fret, as the app will alert you for any potential and even receive expert advice on how to resolve them.


Qustodio helps you provide your child a safe and productive digital environment for your kid. This app allows you to track your child’s location, monitor his or her social media activities, limit your kid’s screen time, and block inappropriate websites. Other features include monitoring your kid’s calls and text messages on Android and blocking various apps and games. Summing all that up, Qustodio is easily one of the best and most comprehensive parental control apps in the market you could rely on for your kid’s protection.

Screen Time

If you’re worried about excessive use of gadgets affecting your kid’s study schedule, causing him or her to miss important meals, or disrupting his or her sleeping patterns, this app is your best choice. Specifically designed for managing screen time, it will allow you to see how much time your kid is spending in front of the screen and set time limits when you see necessary. What’s great is that you can assign tasks or chores that earn them extra time if your child completes.


OurPact is another comprehensive parental-control app that does a lot for your kid’s safety, such as managing and scheduling screen time, blocking and granting access to apps, regulating SMS and calls, locating tracking, to web-filtering. Adding its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, it’s an app you’ll find very beneficial and easy to use.


Mobicip is a parental control software that offers a good range of features. Through a single dashboard, you can quickly monitor your child’s device, schedule daily to weekly screen time, review his or her browsing history, lock devices instantly, track location, block sites, games, and social media apps. Adding all those features, it’s among the most versatile and best apps in the parental control landscape.

Final Words

Each app has its own features, which you can use depending on how many limitations or restrictions you want to implement on your kid’s device. Yet, keep in mind that these apps should not be your sole method in ensuring your child’s safety. It is still best to educate your child about the threats of technology and the Internet. By informing them about these dangers, you also help them understand why you’re imposing these rules, avoid them from looking for ways to surpass these applications, making them more responsible with their device and Internet usage.