Replacement Windows Help Make Your Home More Secure

Did you know that replacement windows help make your home more secure?

You’re thinking about the possible purchase of replacement windows. On the other hand, your old windows are “too bad looking,” so you are avoiding the cost by passing up on that significant investment. Besides the appearance of your old windows, there are other considerations.

For example, replacing windows adds convenience as you will no longer need to struggle to open or close them. And, this project makes cleaning day easier if you select double-hung windows. But many homeowners are so dazzled at the prospect of the beauty of new windows that they forget that they help them protect their loved ones and their belongings.

We reached out to Dan Hatcher, an expert in window replacement in Austin, Texas, to share the reasons that windows boost your home security. Here’s what we found out.

Windows With a Sturdy Appearance Will Deter Thieves

Those who rob homes are lazy criminals. They prefer to search a neighborhood to select the house which looks like it will be the prime target on the block.

The first things that they survey as they scope out the area are:

  • Whether trees or shrubs cover the entries or windows (ie: natural coverage)
  • If they see stacked up mail overflowing the mailbox (ie: they are out of town)
  • Do the windows and doors look easy to penetrate (ie: a more leisurely break in)

If your home has reliable, new vinyl windows and the neighbor’s house has wooden windows with frames that are rotting, the thief will choose to break into the home with the rotting windows. This choice stems from the fact that if the robber cannot locate a key hidden under a doormat, that window is easily penetrated with minimal noise.

Home Security is Increased When You Lock Your Windows

Once a thief targets a home, he (or she) will not automatically start smashing the glass to enter the dwelling. First, they will look around for a hidden key and try to open all the doors. If those are secure, they turn to the next most vulnerable entry point—the windows.

When windows get old, the mechanical systems that allow you to open, close, and lock the window become increasingly challenging to use. Frustrated by their inability to operate the windows, the homeowners become lax about locking them. These folks get so accustomed to the windows notfunctioning correctly that they forget that they should lock.

This safety feature should not be overlooked on second story windows, either! Keep your windows locked. If the locks don’t work, try lubricating them to free them up temporarily, lock them into place, and seek window replacement assistance.

Windows Also Provide Egress for Your Family

Here’s a scary thought. We are so obsessed over keeping out the bad guy or girls that we forget that windows not only keep them out of our homes, but they also provide us a means of egress in an emergency.

Egress means the ability to leave, exit, or vacate a premise. In most communities, safe egress points are mandated by home building codes, especially the bedrooms. While you might not like the idea of the government telling you what you must have in your home, these laws are written with your safety in mind.

If your windows you are unable to open your windows, whether because you have failing mechanics or you’ve painted them closed, you face a hazardous situation. Ditto if your window locks are firmly planted in a locked position and cannot be opened.

What would happen if a storm knocked over a tree onto your home, blocking the doorway? You could be trapped until help arrives. Worse yet, what if a fire broke out and prevented your family walking out the doorway? You’d be trapped and breathing smoke until the rescue squad arrived.

Proper egress is an often overlooked function of windows, and it’s one that must be taken seriously.

Final Thoughts on How Windows Make Your Home More Secure

Windows have many functions. They enhance you’re the exterior appearance of your home, keep the bugs and dust out, and provide ventilation. But the most important reason you should ensure you have good, sturdy vinyl replacement windows? The ability to make your home more secure.