How to Wear Men’s Hats: A Complete Guide

When it comes to choosing your date, it’s as easy as clicking the right button on a dating app. But when it comes to choosing a hat, it sometimes becomes difficult to choose the one that suits you the best.  And many of us are still searching for the right one.

Finding a hat that looks and fits well and doesn’t contradict the rest of your clothing may be challenging, especially with so many types to select from. But keep your spirits up because we’re here to walk you through some of the best headwear options, as well as some easy and helpful tips for pulling them off effortlessly.

The Fedora

The fedora is known for its soft felt material, pinched front, wide brim, and teardrop-shaped crown straddling the fence between a pork pie and Stetson. It has a rakish flare that has been mastered by many men throughout history. Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grant (both were actors of Hollywood’s golden period) were seldom seen without one. In recent years, however, the fedora has gathered a fan following that includes star studs like David Beckham, Tinie Tempah, and Jude Law. 

Adding a fedora to your ensemble infuses an old charm into a contemporary look. This hat style does not team well with jeans, sneakers, and a hoodie. See to it that you get the one that fits exactly how you want it to. If you wish to wear it tilted back at a certain angle, you should get a size smaller so that it nestles nicely on your head. It may be worn casually with a Cuban collar shirt and fitted pants, or it can be paired with tailored outfits, which will make you stand out among the suited throng.

The Panama Hat

Hats can accentuate a person’s appearance. But you can’t expect anything good by slapping on any old lid. The Panama hat is one of the toughest styles to master, but it is the one that pays off handsomely if executed properly. It features a fedora-like form with a dent in the center and a pinch at the front. Initially, you could only find them in a bleached off-white tint with a black ribbon, but now they come in a variety of forms and colors. 

Panama hats are one of the most tried styles among men’s hats. Many people think that it’s just a hat that you put on your head and forget all about it. But they are so wrong.  If you want to look good in a Panama hat, it is not as easy as you think.

To begin, choose a style that complements your facial shape. If you have a round face, go for a broader brim, and if you’re short, go for a smaller brim. Choose a modern outfit to wear with the hat. For a casual summer wedding, you can wear a suit and tone it down with simple basics, or even you can opt for an Oxford shirt beneath a suede jacket. And, of course, avoid all-white tailoring as far as possible. 

Cowboy Hats

A cowboy hat conveys confidence, toughness, and independence. You have to own it to know it. While purchasing a cowboy hat, choose from those styles that will enhance your facial shape. Paying attention to features like hatbands, buckles, and crystal accents while buying will guide you in selecting the appropriate hat. 

The gambler, the cattleman, and the pinched front, the brick, the derby are some of the cowboy hat styles for you to consider. Don’t be afraid to try different hat styles when you go to a hat store. You will soon find a hat that will create an impressionable look whenever you wear it.

Your outfit should complement the hat. Teaming it up with a basic white T-shirt is always a safe option. If you’re going to wear boots, avoid anything too cowboyish. Cowboy hats go well with solids, flannels, plaids, and sweaters. Pair your cowboy hat with a jacket for a distinct appearance at more formal events. If you’re going to wear it with jeans, the only choice is a straight leg with no embellishments. Even now, if you are not sure how to carry this classic hat, seek help from famous Hollywood stars.

The Sun Hats

The sun hats are saviors when you have to spend time outside for some reason or the other. You can wear them while walking your dog, for fishing, camping, or even just for enjoying the outdoors. Usually, people go for the straw sun hats for their breathable nature. But other types are also available. Choosing the right style will depend massively on the occasion you would be wearing it. You can pick a slightly harder brimmed sun hat for fishing that will help you tolerate hours of direct sunlight. And if you want to wear it for a shorter while (like when you are taking your furry companion for a walk), you can choose any sun hat of your choice. Generally, men wear casual outfits with a sun hat.


We hope that you have gained much confidence after this read. Now find out the perfect hat that will look stunning on you.