Can Kids Get into Gun Safes?

Can kids get into gun safes? Well, sometimes they do, and that’s how accidents happen. Gun injuries aren’t rare these days. As a matter of fact, a large number of kids and teens die because of not understanding how to handle a gun safely.

It’s no doubt that they were allowed to use guns or somehow got access to them in the event of gun-related occurrences.

The good news for you is that it’s not too hard to keep your guns safe from your kids. You just have to be a little smart and know how to maintain the best safety measures to keep your guns out of range from your kids or those who aren’t yet skilled gun handlers. We’re going to talk about many tips like these in this guide.

Gun Safety Ideas

Let’s talk about some ideas on keeping kids safe from guns as well as some common gun safe types

Gun locking

Do you know that you can keep a gun locked? Yes, it’s similar to how you lock your mobile or doors. Although it’s a bad idea to keep guns in open places where anyone can get access to them, sometimes you might still make this mistake. You can use a gun lock for security in times like this.

Gun locks usually come in two variations. One of them is the trigger lock. It’s a simple lock that sits behind the trigger of a gun and blocks it from getting pressed. The mechanism is quite basic and works very effectively. If you can stop a gun’s trigger from being pushed, you’re basically stopping the gun from firing. Right?

The other common gun lock is the wire lock. This device looks similar to a key pressing lock with one major difference.

In a key pressing lock, you’d have a lock case that has a shackle attached to it. One side of the shackle is connected to the shackle collar inside the lock’s case, and the other is locked with a latch. By turning the lock’s key, you can unlock the latch and take one head of the shackle out.

But with a wire lock, you won’t get a solid shackle. Instead, you’ll see a wire that has a side connected to the wire’s collar inside the lock’s case, and the other side is connected to a latch. You can open the wire shackle from its latch by turning the key just as you do with usual key pressing locks – simple yet effective.

Gun Safes

If possible, get a gun safe. This can be one of the best investments that you make in your lifetime. A safe doesn’t cost much, or even if one does, it’s probably for some solid reasons. Let’s talk about some advantages of having a gun safe for your gun.


There’s a reason why gun safes tend to be on the heavier side. It’s hard to steal them. Every year hundreds of thousands of guns are stolen in the U.S. Most of these occurrences happen in homes. People tend to store guns in normal fabric casings or glass boxes, making the guns easier to steal. Don’t do this.

Strong Lock System

Gun safes are large and have sophisticated engineering done inside of them. Usually, it’s hard to break into gun safes because of the complicated locking mechanism.

Many gun owners store guns in large storage boxes and keep them hidden inside their homes. Some prefer basic security cases. None of these are bad as long as the owner knows how to keep the gun’s storage a secret. But what if someone finds out the location? This is a serious problem.

This problem is serious because gun accidents happen to kids and older people who have no gun training. Most people can’t contain their curiosity when they see a gun and try to use it. Many of the unwilling gun deaths happen this way – by a triggering mistake.

But this has a simple solution: a good lock system, which you can get from a gun safe. Also, if possible, try to get a large gun cabinet to bolt onto your wall. Many people use gun cabinets because they’re similar to gun safes but at the same time offer a lot more space to house dozens of guns and ammunition safely.

Child Proofing

As we mentioned previously, fabric gun casings or glass gun boxes or cases aren’t that good. Fabric can be torn with a blade, while a glass box can be easily broken. These do not offer enough safety to make themselves childproof gun safes. It’s better if you avoid them and get a good gun safe or metal gun storage with locks.

Educating Children About Guns

You can teach your children about being safe while in possession of a gun. Don’t think they’re not interested in this topic because guns are one of the most interesting things to kids since many grow up with toy guns.

So how do you start teaching your children about it? It’s easy. Tell them the real guns aren’t like the toy versions of these and can hurt and kill people. Show them guns in real life, on television shows. Let them see how a gun works and how dangerous it might be to handle it. They’ll slowly understand that it’s not a toy.

Keeping guns safe from kids isn’t enough. You must educate them about guns and gun safety in the meantime too. You know the answer – can kids get into gun safes, and how to be protective about it?

Since learning how to use guns can come in handy, get your kids skilled with guns when they’re old enough.