Best tactical axe for self defense

Hatchets and axes have been in use since the days of Vikings. They were majorly used as an offensive tool to defeat the other party or to protect themselves and their territory from being captured.

Continue reading this piece to get a comprehensive list of top-quality Axes that you may want to store in your arsenal of weapons.

These combat axes are not ranked according to a particular order. They vary in sizes and styles, but all of them are top-quality axes in the fighting categories.

1. CRKT Kangee T-Hawk Tactical Axe

Made by RMJ Tactical, producer of quality axes for more than 30 years. Axes made by this company are the favourite of the special forces of America. This axe is one of the finest axes that you can purchase without spending a fortune.

It is fast, light and perfectly balanced. The edge is razor-sharp, and the handle has a unique design styled to increase comfort and grip. Since it isn’t stainless steel, powder coats are applied to the blade to protect it.

The Kangee is an excellent option for persons using tactical axes for the first time.

2. Hardcore Hardware Australia GT Tactical Tomahawk

This axe is nothing but a beast. The American Armed Forces love it. The axe is often referred to as “the thing that is built exactly like a tank”. If you are using this axe for the first time, expect your muscle to be sore for the first few days till you adapt to using it. It is a much slower axe, best used for defence rather than offence. It is definitely at the top of the middle range tactical axes, and it’s very affordable. You’ll get value for your money. This axe can be used for many purposes, such as chopping woods for campfires, fighting and other tasks.

The axe is very versatile due to its heavier weight and design.

Hardcore Hardware Australia GT Tactical Tomahawk

Credit: Global Gear

3. CRKT Woods Nobo T-Hawk Tomahawk

This is a Tomahawk axe version made by RMJ Tactical. There are numerous modern tomahawks produced daily, and they are of good quality. However, this Tomahawk axe has an everlasting and excellent design; it is fast, light, strong and simple.

When you talk about axe throwing, this tomahawk will hit the target every time.

4. Browning Shock N’ Awesome

This awesome steel axe is a perfect blend of functional tools with incredible design and excellent weight. It is the perfect axe for human survival and can be used for several purposes. It is designed with a carefully crafted plastic sheath. The grips of the axe are inlaid, and this makes it one of my favourite tools.

5. Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

This is a great axe, made with quality steel. This steel is coated with Ceratoke to protect it. Its MOLLE suitable sheath makes it classy. It is the perfect tool for rescue services, mainly used in rescue operations and American armed forces. This axe is a handy weapon and can be used in numerous ways. If properly maintained, the axe is a durable material that will last for a very long period. You can also keep it in your car for emergencies.

6. Cold Steel Viking Hand Axe

If you are a fan of the traditional Viking style, the Cold Steel is the right steel for you. The axe is light, small, and great. It is a Viking-like axe hooked to a long handle. The handle gives additional power and steel to the axe, giving you enough room to defend yourself.