Can You Use Robots for Home Defense?

Riley Home Defense Moveable Robot

Robot home defense becoming a norm in modern society, is bound to become the next step in the development of robotic defense and security. The utilization of security robots in places such as malls and public areas has played a huge part in making the public more comfortable with the concept of … Read more

Best No Clutter Security System for Students

Bob’s Best No Clutter Security System for Students

When people go off to college they often live in small apartments with other students, or in dorms. So how do you stop someone going in your room when you’re not in? How do you keep your stuff safe? Lots of students are starting to buy security systems and they want three … Read more

Best Home Security System for People with Vacation Homes

Zmodo SPoE Security System

Owning a vacation home is good because you have a place that you call your own while you’re on a holiday. No need to rent a hotel suite, or to camp out. It’s quite convenient. The problem with vacation homes though, is that they’re difficult to buy security systems for. First of … Read more

SANNCHE 8CH AHD 1080N Home Security Camera System Article

ANNKE 8 Channel Security Camera System

The idea of systems like the SANNCE 8CH AHD 1080N Home Security Camera is pretty simple. Get a DVR (sometimes DVR’s have hard drives, some do not), then get the cameras too. Position them all around your house and voila, you’ve got a complete home protection! There are a few that are good, … Read more

Best Wireless Smoke Detectors

Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Smoke and fire detectors save lives hence they are an essential part of your home security system. If you haven’t installed a smoke detector in your house yet or want to add more coverage, having one installed now could be difficult. Most likely you will need some professional assistance to fit them … Read more