FREDI HD Mini Super Small Portable Hidden Spy Camera

FREDI HD Mini Super Small Portable Hidden Spy Camera

Buying the wrong product is easier than buying the right one these days. There’s so many products for you to choose from. So many ways to make a mistake. So this article is trying to point out products that you shouldn’t buy, to save you from further inconveniences. The FREDI HD Mini … Read more

Tenvis JPT3815W-HD Wireless Surveillance Camera

Tenvis JPT3815W HD Wireless Surveillance Camera

So you only got $40 bucks to spend for a home security camera? But just like everybody else you wanna secure your home. Well, the bad news is you’re not going to do that for 40 bucks. The good news is that there’s something that’ll give a little more security than you … Read more

Bayit Cam Pro Full 1080p

There’s no “half way” with home security. Cameras are no exception to that rule. So cameras that are priced $50 should be avoided because they’re not really worth it. You get a lot promises, and a lot of big oversells, but not much in terms of actual home security. The Bayit Cam … Read more

Best No Clutter Security System for Students

Bob’s Best No Clutter Security System for Students

When people go off to college they often live in small apartments with other students, or in dorms. So how do you stop someone going in your room when you’re not in? How do you keep your stuff safe? Lots of students are starting to buy security systems and they want three … Read more

Best Video Security System for the Elderly

ANNKE 8+2 Channel Security Camera System

Everybody worries about their parents and their grandparents when they get older. We want them to be secure because hey, we know that they took care of us once. But older folks tend to be worse than bad at electronics so you want something that’s: 1. Easy to navigate 2. Easy to … Read more

Best Home Security System for People with Vacation Homes

Zmodo SPoE Security System

Owning a vacation home is good because you have a place that you call your own while you’re on a holiday. No need to rent a hotel suite, or to camp out. It’s quite convenient. The problem with vacation homes though, is that they’re difficult to buy security systems for. First of … Read more