How Does a Combination Lock Work?

A single dial combination padlock by Master Lock.

In today’s world of intricately put together and complexly assembled items and gadgets, it is sometimes quite easy to forget just how complicated everything around us is. Almost every item in your house right this moment was most likely built on an assembly line in a factory with robotic precision thanks to … Read more

Coolest Home Security System Gadgets

If you think that CCTV’s mounted on the corners of the ceiling are quite standard now, maybe you just need to spice up your home security system a little. This is especially true if you’re a techie, or are about to become one without ever realizing it. Of course, you may want … Read more

You Need a Good Safe Lock

You need a good safe lock

NOTE: This information is provided as general advice only. A good safe lock is key to keeping your safe secure. Most safes utilize a standard safe lock footprint which allows locks to be swapped out from one type to another. Many times you will find lower end safes have a “manufacturer” or … Read more

BEST Lock Company

BEST Lock Company

If you are looking suggestions as to which locks are the best, please visit Best Locks BEST lock company is one of the most well known provider of commercial lock hardware and cylinders. BEST was founded as BEST universal Lock Company by Frank E. Best in 1925. Since then BEST has changed … Read more

The Best Locks Available

The Best Locks Available

The best locks on the planet including the best door locks for homes and businesses security. If you are looking for the lock company “BEST Locks” Click Here! If you are looking for a great lock to secure your home or business, you are in the right place. There are many different types … Read more