The Hazards of a Traditional Fire Door

red fire alarm box, two lights on top of the word EXIT, yellow door with door coordinators

We all know that accidents will always come our way. They may come in the form of road accidents, health accidents, or also fire accidents. Accidents could happen anytime. But, there are many ways to prevent them from happening. Technology is constantly evolving as time passes by. Scientists, manufacturers, and suppliers try … Read more

Are Smoke Curtains And Fire Curtains Different?

surroundings covered with smoke, four firefighters wearing black and yellow suit, people waiting in front of the building

Fire is something that comes unpredictably. It may happen any time, anywhere, especially when you are not mindful of your actions. This is why smoke curtains and fire curtains come in handy. They help protect not only the people but also the establishments from the harmful impacts of the fire. Smoke┬ácurtains and … Read more