What is a Self-Defense Wand?

The crime rate is increasing extensively over time. There is no place where we can consider ourselves safe and secure. Whenever a person steps outside of their house, it’s like he is moving towards a new risk. Terrorist attacks, robberies, and murders are increasing at an enormous rate. The security departments try their best to decrease criminal activities, but security officers cannot be everywhere to protect every citizen. So, there should be something that a person can carry for his self-defense.

From shotgun to stun gun, there is plenty of things to help a person stay safe. But many of these weapons need proper permission and can’t be carried everywhere. The best weapon for self-defense is a wand/baton.

Self-Defense Wand


A wand or baton is a light-weight self-defense weapon. Talking about its appearance, it looks like a long stick or club. It is made up of metal, wood, or steel. It is commonly used as a self-defense weapon. It has a lot of appealing features and is usable for people of all ages. It’s a non-lethal weapon as it does not give a permanent injury to its victim. It is easily affordable and is compact.

Moreover, the wand is compressible and is easy to conceal. Therefore, it can be an excellent option to carry such a weapon with you to be on the safer side.

Types of Wands

There is a large variety of wands. You can see wands of different sizes, shapes, and styles. But before choosing one, let’s talk about types of wands. There are some specially designed wands that people might confuse with a, but they are not. In general, there are only two types of wands. Wands are either fixed or flexible (expandable).

Following are the two types of self-defense wand:

1. Fixed Wands


These are the most commonly used wands. The length of these wands is fixed and can’t be changed. Such wands are considered stronger and more durable as their length is fixed, so there is no chance of malfunctioning. They are long term and have great strength as there are no moving parts. All you need is to bout on the attacker to protect yourself, and there is no possibility of functioning failure at all.

2. Expandable Wands


As fixed wands are a bit old-fashioned, expandable ones are a modern version. In contrast to fixed wands, you can change the length of expandable ones. Such types of wands have three parts. The upperparts are thinner while the lower one is thicker.

The upper two parts can be concealed in the lower thick part. The most basic advantage of using expandable wands is that their size can be reduced because the upper parts can be easily concealed into the lower part. You can easily increase or decrease its length as per your requirements. Expandable wands are also famous among the police officers/security guards.

Why Choose Wands?

There are various reasons to choose wands as the best self-defense weapon than getting your hands on the lethal weapons. There is no need to use lethal force, and there is almost zero chance of self-injury. Following are some top reasons why one should choose a wand:

1. Legitimacy

To carry a self-defense wand, you don’t need to have a legal permit. One of the main reasons to choose a wand over other weapons for self-defense is youdon’t need any license or legal permission to use it, unlike other weapons (for example, guns or stun guns). You can surely consider it as your perfect go-to self-defense weapon.

2. Easy to Use

A self-defense wand is quite easy to use, and you can use it almost instantly. Like in the case of a gun, you need to reload and aim it to shoot, and it will take time if you are not an expert in using a gun. And if by any chance you missed the aim, the attacker will catch you.

Similar is the case with the blade. The blade may be effective in one part of the body but is not that much effective in every part to make the attacker injured. But with a self-defense wand at hand, all you need to do is take it out of your bag and use it to lay down the invader.

3. Multifunctional

Wands are multifunctional. They are not only used as a self-defense weapon but also for other purposes. If anyone is stuck in the car, you can use a wand to break the window to save them from suffocation. You can also use it to break house windows if you forget the keys inside the house. In the end, it is safe to say that wands are used not only for your protection but also for several other purposes.

4. No Training Required

While using a wand, there is no need to take a training course. However, in the case of a gun, you should need to take proper training

Using a gun is a big thing, but the wand is straightforward to use. So, you can avoid hours of training to get professional in using a gun by utilizing a wand for your protection. There is no rocket science in using a wand. Even if you are using it for the first time in your life, you won’t find it difficult to use. Even a layperson can use it professionally.

5. Easy to Disguise

One of the best features of a wand that make it great is that it is very easy to hide. An expandable wand can go even in a small bag. It’s an easy thing to hide wands. Gun can’t be hidden in a small place. Pepper spray, on the other hand, might be easy to disguise, but it can be discharged accidentally if not placed properly. So, among all weapons, the wand is the safest option.

6. Affordable

Guns are costly weapons and also need a special permit. Talking about pepper spray, although pepper spray is not that expensive, it has other disadvantages. But wands have no drawbacks and also it is very cheaper as compared to a gun. The price of a good wand goes around $30.

7. Require Less or No Maintenance

Wands don’t require maintenance at all, unlike guns or other similar weapons. If you think pepper sprays also don’t require maintenance, then you are wrong here. Its maintenance is in the form of the expiration date. Pepper sprays come with an expiration date, and after that date, their effect gets reduces, rendering them almost ineffective. However, wands don’t have any expiration date, and you can use them for long without worrying about their maintenance.

8. Easy to Carry

You can take a wand anywhere you go. For example, you cannot carry a gun and roam freely without being caught. Moreover, a gun can easily be detected through metal detectors, and you are asked to provide a license every time, even if you are carrying it for security purposes. But there is no such restriction on a self-defense wand as it is a non-lethal weapon. Therefore, whether it is an airport or you are just traveling by road, a wand can easily be carried for your security purposes.

9. Safe

Whether it is a gun, pepper spray, or a blade, self-injury chances are high. In the case of a gun, you might get shot by your own gun due to even a little negligence. Pepper spray can be accidentally discharged, and the blade can also be harmful to yourself. But if we consider wand, it is completely safe for you and even the kids around you. There are no or little chances of self-injury.


Apart from the advantages mentioned above, there are plenty of other points to consider wand as one of the best and cheap self-defense weapons. So, if you are still confused about whether to buy a wand or not for your self-defense, don’t think much and grab the best one. Self-defense wands are simple, durable, easy to use, require little or no maintenance, and are cheaper.