Top Home Security System Companies

When it comes to keeping your home and your family safe, you don’t want to take chances. That’s why you want to put your hard-earned money into the best home security system possible. It is thought of as an investment.

Apart from reading home security system reviews and recommendations from consumers themselves, you may also want to look at the home security system brands that are available. As with all other products and services, the more known and mentioned a brand is, the greater changes it is trusted by a larger number of people. Here are the top home security system companies you may want to consider when choosing a home security monitoring system:

 ADT Monitoring1. ADT Monitoring

ADT Monitoring has been in the home security and automation business for the over the past 140 years. It is the biggest and one of the most trusted security monitoring business in the USA as well as in Canada.

The company offers a vast range of services to its clients, from security systems to automation services, video surveillance, carbon monoxide monitoring, as well as medical alert monitoring, among others.

Frontpoint Security2. Frontpoint Security

Although it has only been in the industry for a number of years, Frontpoint Security has gained a reputation for its highly customizable wireless security systems. DIY-ers will find the products easy to install and operate.

Link Interactive3. Link Interactive

Link Interactive provides around-the-clock cellular home monitoring and offers a wide range of security devices that can also be customized. Their video monitoring is affordable, too.

 LiveWatch4. LiveWatch

LiveWatch is known for its flexibility and versatility which enables customers to choose either a set home security system plan or customize their own unique system to protect themselves, their families, and their properties. It also has earned praise for its award-winning customer service.

Protect America5. Protect America

Protect America offers customizable home security system. You don’t have to pay an installation fee or a startup cost to install your own unique wireless security system. However, the service does charge monthly fees, but many consumers prefer this mode of payment than paying upfront.

vivint6. Vivint

Wherever you are in the country, you can always count on Vivint as the company operates in all 50 states. Its wide range of home security equipment can help you save not only your money, they can also help you save energy and of course help protect your home and your family. Like many other security companies, Vivint’s home security system is wholly wireless and cellular-based. Vivint’s home security system can still operate even during power outage.

Moni Smart Security7. Moni Smart Security

If you want a home security system but are on a budget, Moni Smart Security will provide you solutions. The equipment and the installation are all free, and the monthly service charge is quite affordable compared to that of other home security companies. Moni offers a lifetime equipment warranty, and that’s the best thing! With Moni, you will get peace of mind not just because of the security it provides, but also because it will free you from maintenance and repair costs.

SimpliSafe8. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe’s home security system is customizable and requires just a DIY installation. Its home alarm system displays an excellent range of alerts, equipment, and non-contractual monitoring service, as well as impressive customer support.