Techage 4CH 720P Weatherproof Home Security Review (BT503)

Techage 4CH 720P DVR CCTV SystemThere’s a lot of these four camera/DVR security systems on the market at the moment, that they have become almost a common sight — and many of them look similar to each other. They usually cost between $100 to $300.

This article gets a peek of the Techage 4CH 720p 1200TVL 1.0 Megapixel Weatherproof Home Security Camera Video Surveillance Kit. This is the BT503 model and many people were impressed by the previous BT502 so they may expect bigger and better things on this newer model. Will the Techage be worth your money? Will it be recommended to your fellow geeks? Find it all about it here in this article.

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  • Night vision
  • Easy set-up
  • 720p
  • Great mobile functions
  • Good connectivity
  • No professional installation needed


  • No hard drive

The set-up

This is a cabled system, but don’t worry because the set-up is incredibly very easy. Lay the DVR down and hook the cameras up to it after deciding where you want to put them. Once your cameras are nicely positioned, you should be able to view footage on your computer, tablet or phone once you have Techage’s mobile app installed.

The picture

You may have seen these cameras advertised as 1200TVL. “TVL” stands for “Television Lines” and it’s a rival rating system to HD. It means that in this case, the 1200TVL translates to a little better than 720p. But the moment you hit record (and you assume you’ll be recording most of the time with this), you will end up with around 720p.

You may have a 1200 TVL image sensor but this translates into 720p pictures. And for the money, this is really good. The images do appear to be clear and without distortions. You get a wide angled lens as well, and this makes up for the fact that the cameras are fixed so they cannot be moved.

You can find some interesting options as well. You can set the camera to record only when movement is detected by the sensor. In this way, you won’t have to record 24 hours a day (saves some energy, too). When an alarm goes off you’ll get a message straight away to your phone or email letting you know that someone is breaking into your home.

Recording options

Since it doesn’t include a hard drive, you will never be able to record with this system alone.

Now, your options are to buy a 500 GB hard drive for as much as $60, or record to your computer. Your best bet is to buy the hard drive because you don’t want to get your computer too busy recording. With 500 GB hard drive you’ll be able to store around 15 full days worth of footage, which is quite cost-effective. This estimation is based on the average space usage with surveillance equipment which is 100 GB every 3 days.

Mobile functions

Once you scan the bar codes of your mobile devices at the website, they become part of your encrypted network. You’ll be able to go to the app, and view recorded footage and well as fast forward and rewind it. You can do that no matter where you are in the world. As long as you have a good Internet connection, you’ll be able to see what is going on at your home. So if you had an alert sent to your phone or email, you’d be able to quickly check out what it was without being at home. At the end of a day, if you wanted to review some events you’d be best linking your TV up to the DVR via the HDMI connection. This way you’ll be able to get the biggest and the clearest picture possible.

Night vision

The 24 IR LEDs will automatically turn on when low light is detected so night vision is a guarantee. It should be noted, though, that recorded footage at night will be in black and white, not color.


This Techage system doesn’t include a hard drive which is a bit of downer, but it does keep the price down. But you’ll probably have to buy a hard drive anyway so we can’t see the logic as to why it isn’t included in the system.

Anyway, the pictures look fantastic — they don’t show any distortions and at 720p, you get real great clarity. The mobile functions are very easy to access and you can view live footage, or record live events. You can also fast-forward and rewind recorded events so all the options are there. You can do this even from another country so you’ll always feel like you have peace of mind. The 1200 TVL description may be a little confusing to many buyers and we’re going to see a complete switch over to HD ratings soon. For now though, just remember that it equates in real terms to 720p and images are clear.